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Keeping Clean Could Be Deadly: Briotech's Solution to Pandemic-Era Disinfection

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday March 2, 2021

Keeping Clean Could Be Deadly: Briotech's Solution to Pandemic-Era Disinfection

Our "new normal" includes scanning the Internet and your local store shelves for disinfecting wipes, sprays and cleaners. But most people don't realize that the same ingredients used to kill bacteria and viruses can also do severe damage to our bodies. Briotech, a global leader in HOCl technology and manufacturing, has created a multi-use product line with game-changing technologies in health and disinfection.

Do you ever get a tickle in your throat when using an aerosol spray cleaner in the shower? Guess what? That's not a good thing. A 20-year study by the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine indicated that cleaning with bleach once a day is as damaging to your lungs as smoking a daily pack of cigarettes. More than a dozen unpronounceable ingredients in common household cleaning products have been linked to a host of ailments, including cancer, asthma, organ function and more.

The solution is as old as time, but it took Briotech scientists and manufacturers to harness its properties into a scalable and shelf-stable product for everyday consumers.

What the HOCl?

You don't need to be a scientist to understand HOCl or how it works, but you may score smarty-pants points on your next socially distant coffee date. Our bodies actually generate HOCl within white blood cells to fight infection, promote healing and reduce inflammation. First described in the late-19th century and used in various forms over the next 100 years, it was later discovered that HOCl could penetrate pathogen cell walls more effectively than bleach. Because of its pH balance (which measures acidity), Briotech can be formulated not only for surface cleaning and air purification but also for topical skin products.

HOCl has flown under the radar for decades for several reasons. Companies couldn't patent the manufacturing technology, nor were there the computing capabilities for large-scale production. BrioHOCl is the world's first and only authenticated pure, stable and scalable HOCl.

It took a decade for Briotech founders Dan Terry and Cynthia Varela and their team to perfect the pure formulation, which contains no other active compounds, unlike other HOCl manufacturers. Already achieving glowing reviews on Amazon, in 2020, the company obtained EPA List N Disinfectant Approval for use against coronavirus.

Briotech: 6 Ways to Safely Sanitize

(Source: Briotech)

Sanitizer and Disinfectant — Perfect for hard, non-porous surfaces like kitchen counters, bathroom fixtures and door handles, Briotech can kill 99.99% of viruses and harmful bacteria. Bonus use — throw a travel bottle in your gym bag for a quick spray before and after using shared equipment.

Surface + Air Cleanser Pro — With greater concern about the airborne spread of coronavirus, it's equally important to regularly cleanse our air as well as surfaces. No PPE masks are needed during or after use, and the no-rinse solution is ideal for homes or professional use.

Electrolyzed Hand Spray — A year into the pandemic, most of us are battling dry, cracked and irritated skin due to frequent washing and sanitizing. Briotech's formulation offers all of the benefits without the side effects caused by alcohol and chemicals.

Total Mask Refresh — If we could play favorites, this would be it. The double-defense solution cleans both your mask and face and also eliminates odors from our least favorite but now most-often worn accessory. One hundred percent vegan and organic, the solution is safe for all ages and helps alleviate dreaded "maskne."

Super Oxidizing Saline — Out of precaution, many of us have delayed our bi-annual trips to the dentist this year. And while regular cleanings and check-ups are vital to maintaining good oral health, Briotech's oral hygiene solution is an effective addition to your daily routine. The swishable saline solution is terrific for reducing plaque and keeping gums healthy — without alcohol, toxins or additives.

Topical Skin Spray — Does your skin routine need a recharge? Because HOCl mimics the essence of your body's natural defense system, Briotech's pure formulation offers many benefits, from gentle exfoliation and acne reduction to anti-wrinkle treatment and daily hydration.

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