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The Superfood You've Been Missing in Your Home Cooking: Cannabis

by Kelsy Chauvin

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday April 5, 2021

The Superfood You've Been Missing in Your Home Cooking: Cannabis
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Browsing your market's fresh produce is a great way to find inspiration for new dishes. But there is one ingredient that's healthy, flavorful, and versatile that you won't find stacked among familiar fruits and veggies: cannabis.

Raw or dried cannabis leaves and flowers are surprisingly nutritious, offering an uncommon depth of flavor. And more people are finding they're a great addition to everything from smoothies and juices to stews and salads, to sandwiches and even popsicles.

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Hemp vs. Marijuana
Of course, the familiar question prevails: If I consume cannabis, will I get high? The simple answer depends on whether you're using hemp or marijuana.

Hemp is the cannabis plant that's legal across America and contains just trace amounts (less than .3%) of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive compound.

Hemp is naturally rich in therapeutic cannabinoids that are non-intoxicating, like CBD, and is used to make various products, including oils and balms. It's also OK to consume raw or cooked, or to smoke or vape.

I Want My CBD
While plenty of companies sell CBD products made from hemp plants, few specialize in fresh hemp flowers. Oregon's Tweedle Farms, however, was founded on "farm-to-table, terpene-rich, high-CBD hemp flower."

The family-owned company grows and sells CBD-rich hemp flower that's dried and ready to consume. Many choose to smoke Tweedle's pesticide-free buds. But some are getting more inventive.

"We've seen an ever-increasing number of people who are buying flower or smalls, or even shake, to make products at home, which I'm thrilled about," says Tweedle Farms co-owner and co-founder Jason Evans. "They're making infused oils or butters for cooking, or creams or salves. They're similar to our products, but honestly, people can make them at home at a more affordable price point."

CBD Infused Tomato and Strawberry Crostini
CBD Infused Tomato and Strawberry Crostini  (Source: Tweedle Farms)

Cannabis Nutrients and Recipe Ideas
Research on the nutritional benefits of raw cannabis is still in the early stages. But it's been shown that the hemp plant's naturally occurring cannabinoids — CBD top among them — may fight inflammation, ease nausea, fight cancer, and alleviate anxiety.

Beyond those unique cannabinoids, raw cannabis leaves, flowers, stems and seeds are basically a superfood, similar to dark green leafy vegetables. They densely pack in nine essential amino acids, dietary fiber, protein, enzymes, vitamins, minerals (like iron and zinc), essential fatty acids (including omega-3) and more.

Some associate hemp's flavor profile with bitterness similar to arugula, endive or dandelion. Others appreciate that depth and love adding hemp to fruit smoothies, tea, salsa and salads. Hemp leaves can top off a sandwich, add an earthy flavor to stews and soups, or get chopped up and thrown into a frozen popsicle mix.

If you'd rather cook with a hemp-derived CBD oil, try Tweedle's pure CBD in hemp or MCT (coconut) oil. It's easy to add a few drops to dressings, sauces, condiments and beverages.

Cannabis popularity is booming for good reason. And it seems like every molecule has something to offer, whether that's physiological wellness, digestible nutrients or rich flavors.

Check out some of our favorite Tweedle Farms hemp recipes and taste for yourself:

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