Exclusive: Watch 'Recover with Pride,' EDGE Original Short Film

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Exclusive: Watch 'Recover with Pride,' EDGE Original Short Film
  (Source:Recovery Unplugged)

In January 2020, EDGE Media Network visited Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to meet with Recovery Unplugged co-founder and vision leader Paul Pellinger, staff members, LGBTQ alumni and industry leaders to explore the impact of addiction in the queer community.

Unlike any other recovery program in the country, Recovery Unplugged harnesses the power of music in its groundbreaking protocols, resulting in more than one million days clean from current and past clients to date.

The LGBTQ community is particularly hard-hit when it comes to alcohol and substance abuse due to a variety of factors. Discrimination and bullying, family rejection and societal pressures are just a few of the reasons why the queer population is at risk. Studies have shown that substance abuse among LGBTQ people may lie somewhere between a staggering 20 to 30 percent — substantially higher than the general population (9 percent).

Here are some of their stories of struggle and survival, and how Recovery Unplugged gave them a sober home at their darkest hour.

Are you or someone you love struggling with drugs or alcohol? Recovery Unplugged offers LGBTQ-welcoming substance abuse treatment. Visit recoveryunplugged.com or call 855-909-8818.

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