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ISIS Militant: Gays are Pedophiles, 'The Worst of Creatures'

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Thursday September 18, 2014

A militant allegedly connected with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria condemned the LGBT community, comparing gays to pedophiles, called them "animals" and said they are "the worst of creatures," the Huffington Post reports.

The militant's comments come in an 8-minute video, originally uploaded to the extremist website He's wearing a black balaclava, holding a rifle and urges listeners to join ISIS and live under sharia law, which usually calls for the death of gay men and women.

"If you come to this place, here, we have houses, we have security, we have a beautiful rivers ... we have a lot of brothers and sisters already here that came and are giving all of their good ideas to implement good, strong Islamic community," the unknown man says in the video.

He goes on to say:

You see that Allah will protect you and bless you and bless your family. Now, if you have family in these kafir (infidel) countries, what is gonna happen most probably [is] you don't have control of your children. Maybe in some of the countries it's a must for you to put your children in the kafir schools. And who's gonna teach your children? It's gonna be maybe a gay, maybe a drug dealer, maybe a pedophile. You know? So it's very important for you to protect your children from these animals, from these dirty people. Allah says that they are the worst of creatures. You prefer to live among the worst of creatures than live among the mujahideen ... make your decision.

HuffPo notes the video was first posted in the spring, but it didn't gain international attention until this week. The U.K.'s Mirror first reported on the video in April.

In the clip, the speaker is identified as "reportedly" a Portuguese former professional soccer player for Arsenal of the English Premier League. A team spokesman told the Mirror that the organization doesn't recognize the man, however.

A spokesman with the Middle East Media Research Institute, a group that works with the U.S. to counter terrorism, told the British newspaper that is a legitimate site.

"It has been active for a couple of years now, bringing reports about the activities of jihadi groups in Syria to Russian speakers," said the spokesman. "At least some of the people behind the site are in Syria themselves. The site regularly brings videos from the field showing video messages and talks of jihad fighters, news reports, scenes and footage of combat, and general jihadi material. The site clearly supports the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)."

Watch the clip below: