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Florida Shooting Allegedly Escalated from 'Gay' Name-Calling to Violence

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday March 16, 2023

Anthony Beasley
Anthony Beasley  (Source:MDCR)

A situation that escalated from name-calling to gunfire allegedly began when one man called another man gay at a Florida service station.

Local 10 reported on the shooting, which took place in Miami Gardens on March 1.

The news station detailed that, according to the arrest report, the suspect in the case, Anthony Deangla Beasley, 56, was recorded on security video driving up to a gas pump at Marathon gas station. He and another man had an exchange of words in which, according to a witness, Beasley called the other man gay.

The other man became upset and threatened Beasley, saying he would "beat your ass," the report recounted. Beasley, the witness said, retorted, "Yes, you probably would beat my ass, because you are younger than me and I'm older."

The arrest report said that the security footage shows Beasley exited his car and produced a gun, which he used to strike the other man "in the face..." Beasley then approached the man, the gun still in his hand, and "leans into the victim's face and appears to be saying something."

The report said that the other man responded to being struck by telling Beasley, "You made me bleed, you're supposed to be my uncle." The report details that as "the argument continued," the other man took off his shirt and "walked toward Beasley, getting inches towards his face."

At that point, the report said, "Beasley fired at the other man at point-blank range, striking him in the abdomen," the news station added. Local 10 noted alcohol may have been involved in the situation, detailing that "The suspect, the victim and the witnesses [were] all seen drinking unknown beverages for about two and a half hours leading to the shooting..."

The victim, who has not been named, was airlifted to a hospital. Beasley was arrested March 14, and is being held without bail. Beasley maintains that he shot the other man because he was "attacked," the news station reported.

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