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Lawyer for Accused Philly Assailant Says She's 'Kind & Gentle,' Neighbors Disagree


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Friday September 26, 2014

Cries of "she didn't do it" mixed with hints of a possible affluenza defense hit Wednesday when Lou Buscio, attorney for Kathryn Knott, 24, one of the three alleged assailants in the September 11 attack on two gay men in Philadelphia, spoke with conservative talk radio host Dom Giordano.

"She completely denies having touched anyone and she maintains that just simply didn't occur and that those who are making the accusations are incorrect," said Buscio. "She was walking with a group of friends. Unfortunately, there was an altercation between two males, of which, she was not a part of. That altercation got out of control. Unfortunately, one gentleman was injured, but he wasn't injured because of the conduct of Ms. Knott."

Knott, along with Philip Williams, 24, and Kevin Harring, 26, have been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and criminal conspiracy.

Buscio then spoke to the character of his client, whose father, Karl Knott is Chief of Police for Chalfont Borough in suburban Bucks County.

"She is a gentle, kind person who was never in trouble before. She has zero animus to anybody, let alone somebody of a particular group or persuasion."

It appears though, that not everyone shares Buscio's glowing appraisal of Knott's character.

Shortly after she was named a suspect on Tuesday, reporters from local ABC affiliate WPVI-TV spoke with several neighbors in Knotts' Southampton, PA neighborhood about the charges against her. Off camera, they told reporters that they were not surprised.

Although no one has yet to go on the record to speak about her, the most damning evidence about Knott's history of anti-gay sentiment comes from her own Twitter account that included the following posts:

@krisssstenxoxo the ppl we were just dancing with just turned and mafe out with eatch other #gay #ew

Jazz flute is for little fairy boys

this camo song is gay like all the other brad paisley songs

@g0_nads he's gonna rip me today for my hair..just wait. #dyke

During the interview, Buscio hinted that he believes there may be media bias against his client, who is from an affluent Philadelphia suburb.

"That's the mindset that we're trying to do away with. If we're going to stand on the concept of everyone fairly, as we should," Buscio said. "Let's not single out people based upon their belief and their lifestyle. But you can't out of the other side of your mouth say 'if you're from the suburbs and you're of a particular religious affiliation, then you must be a narrow minded meat head.' Let's be fair across the board to everybody."

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