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Watch: Gay Fla. Couple Say Trump Supporter Left Them Hateful, Anti-Gay Note

Monday November 21, 2016

A gay couple from St. Petersburg, Fla. said an anonymous Donald Trump supporter, whom they believe lives in their neighborhood, left them a hateful note Saturday, Fox 13 reports.

The letter did not have a return address and was addressed to "Resident Dolts," criticizing the couple's political views and sexuality.

John Gascot, who shares a home with boyfriend Ron Diana, told Fox 13 he took the message as "a threat." Gascot took to Facebook to react to the hateful message, which starts off with "Hey, Dumbass - the election is over," and posted it in full.

"So this came to us in the mail today, so any of you who want to post that a rise in hate post-election is just us whiny liberals making shit up...think twice before spreading such dangerous ignorance," Gascot wrote. "Peoples' lives and their safety are being affected, whether or not you like it or want to admit it."

One part of the letter reads, "You still advertise as if you are ignorant of developments, but that's not surprising for the community known 'gay house.'"

At the time the couple received the letter, they still had their Clinton-Kaine campaign sign in their front yard. They also have a rainbow LGBT pride flag hanging beside their garage door.

"I was just like, you know, they can sit there for a little bit. It's my lawn," Gascot told Fox 13.

He later added: "That was the more upsetting part.l Clearly it's not just about the election. You're a bigot for other reasons, and you're targeting us. You're using the election to target us."

Diana said the "election has emboldened people to be this way."

The couple said they were disturbed by the specific details in the letter.

"You encourage us how to vote, but you can't figure out garbage day or when to turn off the porch light," the message reads. "Isn't it time to decorate for Christmas through February? Dumbass!"

The men filed a police report Sunday, but said they won't live in fear.

"We're going to just make sure that we're vigilant for each other and let people know, this is not okay in our neighborhood, It's not welcome," Gascot told Fox 13.

This is the second anti-gay incident in St. Petersburg, Fla. this month. It was reported last week a LGBT-friendly church in St. Petersburg, Fla. was a vandalized with swastikas and Trump's campaign motto "Make America Great Again."

Watch Fox 13's report on Gascot and Diana below.