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Canadian LGBTQ Man Says 7 Men Beat Him Unconscious - and Cops Did Nothing

Friday July 31, 2020

Shane Daum
Shane Daum  (Source:Screen cap / Global News)

A Canadian man says that a gang of seven men surrounded him at his campsite and then beat him unconscious while hurling anti-gay slurs and accusations that he was a "pedophile," Global News reports.

Shane Daum, 43, a longtime resident of the British Columbian community Summerland, told Global News that he had been camping at a nearby campground called Crump Recreation Site last month when the alleged attack occurred.

According to Daum, the seven men who encircled him and began to hurl slurs before beating him had seen him at a grocery store with his ex-boyfriend, a man younger than Daum's 43 years, and who looks "way younger" than his actual age.

Daum described a terrifying scene in which the gang surrounded him at his camp site, restrained his dog, and then advanced on him.

"I was surrounded and I started walking backwards," Daum recounted. "I went to look where my dog was... I had my head turned," and one of the assailants struck him. Daum said he went down, losing consciousness at that moment. He said that he was in and out of consciousness as the attack continued, with the gang beating him as he lay ion the ground.

"When I fianlly came to, I was begging for my life," Daum went on to say.

Another person at the campsite called for the police, but responding authorities made no arrests because no witness to the assault itself stepped forward.

Constable James Grandy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told the news service that he could "confirm Mr. Daum was assaulted," but went on to add that at the time of the alleged gang attack, "there was insufficient evidence to arrest any particular person..."

Daum summarized it differently: "I was told there's their story, and there's mine."

Daum was hospitalized overnight for injuries that, he said, included a concussion. Even now, he said, continues to suffer from "panic attacks" and "severe anxiety" in the wake of the brutal assault to which he says the gang subjected him.

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