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Inquest: British Man's Death An Accident In Pursuit of 'Erotic Satisfaction,' Not Suicide

Monday September 9, 2019

The hanging death of a British man last March was the result of a misadventure in pursuit of "erotic satisfaction" and not a suicide, an inquest into the tragedy was informed this week.

The East Yorkshire man, Philip Walker, was found dead in his home by his mother, reported UK newspaper the Daily Mail. The newspaper account said that a coroner told the inquest that the evidence pointed to the man had died while performing autoerotic asphyxiation.

"For me to conclude that Mr. Walker's death was suicide I have to be satisfied to the appropriate standard of proof that he took his own life and intended to do so," said coroner Rosemary Baxter. "On this occasion, I am not so satisfied.

"I find that Mr. Walker showed no suicidal intentions prior to his death or reported to be depressed," the coroner said, going on to declare, "I find that Mr. Walker was indulging in erotic satisfaction and unfortunately then suffered from autoerotic asphyxiation which killed him."

The Daily Mail account said that Walker's mother found him completely undressed apart from a "chastity box."

The Mail story added that Walker's family sex, bondage-themed drawings, and a "Fifty Shades of Gray" board game in his house.

Another newspaper, the Sun, reported that the family indicated that Walker had "never talked about his sexual interests" with them and referred to the manner of his death as "a surprise."

Walker's brother remembered him as being "supportive, caring and always built up everyone's spirits when they became low," and related that Walker "had a life-long obsession with Lego and had a great love for comedy and stand-up."

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