GHB Poisoner and Drug Supplier to Serial Killer To Undergo Gender Ressingment in Prison?

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday September 12, 2019

The tale of 26-year-old Gerald Matovu is a twisted one. Matovu reportedly provided the party drug GHB to a serial rapist and killer named Stephen Port, who used it in his crimes. Matovu and his partner in crime, 24-year-old Brandon Dunbar, also used the drug in their own string of deliberate overdoses and robberies, killing five men in the process - including 54-year-old Eric Michels, an actor who appeared in the James Bond film "Skyfall," reported UK newspaper The Telegraph.

But now there is a new twist, The Telegraph reports: Matovu, who has been convicted and given a three-decade sentence for the death of Michels, has petitioned for gender reassignment. His lawyer told a British court that Matovu has identified as female since childhood.

That petition, if granted, could have a significant bearing on how Matovu spends his time in prison. Noted The Independent:

By self-identifying as female, Matovu could be entitled to a separate cell, be permitted to shower alone and even apply to serve his sentence in a female prison.

The ghastly crime of overdosing Michels was compounded by Matovu pretending to be Michels and replying to texts sent by his worried daughter, reported another British newspaper, The Times. Michele's daughter later discovered his dead body, media reports said.

After dosing Michels with a lethal amount of the party drug, Matovu stole his bank card, among other items; Matovu and Dunbar were recorded on surveillance video using the bank card to access cash, according to a BBC article.

Dunbar and Matovu targeted their victims through Grindr, media reports said. The judge who handed down the sentence to Matovu said that the killer relied on his victims being "too embarrassed to report what happened" - assuming they survived to tell the tale.

Dunbar was sentenced to 18 years.

Serial killer Stephen Port, who was convicted of murdering four victims and is suspected in the deaths of 58 victims, and possibly more, purchased GHB used in his crimes from Matovu. Port was sentenced to life in prison in 2016.

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