Watch: Morning Show Caller Frets that Her Rabbit Might be a Lesbian

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday January 25, 2021

Dr. Scott Miller
Dr. Scott Miller  (Source:Screenshot/The Morning Show/ITV)

Move over, Lady Bunny: It seems the notion of lesbian rabbits is causing a sensation on social media.

A viewer of the U.K. talk show "This Morning" kicked off the frenzy when she phoned in to express dismay about the way one of her pet rabbits was "mounting" and "chasing" the other one, even though both rabbits are female and sisters from the same litter.

The Sun recounted how "Yvette from Essex" called in to the show's segment with Dr. Scott Miller, a veterinarian who was taking queries about pet health, but she seemed unable to phrase her concern in a straightforward way, even when one of the show's hosts prompted her with, "Your specific question, Yvette?"

As Yvette described the situation, the show's hosts cracked up with laughter. Dr. Miller looked alternately pained and amused.

Finally, the hosts clarified the issue among themselves: "Yvette wants to know: Is her rabbit a lesbian," they said in unison.

Dr. Miller kept a straight face and stuck to the clinical facts, explaining that "a lot of animals can be gay; about 1,500 species of animal are known to show homosexual behavior, so it's all very, very natural," and going on to add, "Love is love," but then adding that, in the specific instance Yvette was describing, it was more likely a display of dominance and territoriality, rather than sexual overtures between siblings of the same gender.

Dr. Miller took note of Yvette having mentioned that she planned to take the rabbits in to get them spayed, saying that "by neutering them you take away that hormonal need to protect their environment," and predicting the two bunnies would get along better after the veterinary procedure.

Twitter users celebrated the moment.

Watch the clip below.

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