Watch: French Rapper Impressed 'Voice' Judges. Then His Social Media Past Emerged.

Tuesday February 23, 2021
Originally published on February 22, 2021

The Vivi (aka Vincent Pois)
The Vivi (aka Vincent Pois)  (Source:YouTube)

A 21-year-old rapper impressed the judges on France's "The Voice" on Saturday night but it wasn't long before audience members found reasons to be less so.

For his performance The Vivi (a.k.a Vincent Pois) chose a controversial song — "Social Suicide" by the French rapper Orelsan. His 2011 song follows the final minutes of a distressed man's life with a rant on such topics as "racism, unemployment, inequalities of wealth or Parisianism," wrote the website World24News.

It also, the LGBTQ French site TÊTU reported, targets the gays and lesbians. "To prove that you are not homophobic you will soon have to suck guys," reads a lyric.

He was invited to join singer-songwriter Vianney's team, but soon viewers began exploring his social media and found, "Racist jokes, sexist remarks, homophobic comments or allusions to pedophilia..." reported Le Parisien.

"In tweets dating back to 2017 and 2018, the young Sarthois collects degrading remarks and insults towards gay people. Internet users have also unearthed questionable jokes targeting people of Arab descent. But also problematic posts where the rapper, then aged 17, speaks openly about his 'girl' of '11', signaling that the age difference is 'not so serious' 'a hole c a hole [sic]'," wrote TÊTU.

The Vivi was quick to apologize on Instagram: "Since this morning, I see old tweets that come out that I wrote when I was 17 years old, he says. As I reread these messages, I feel a sense of shame. These are court remarks by recreation of an inconsistent teenager who chills my back. I did not mean a word of what I wrote. I ask forgiveness from all the people I could offend with these shameful messages."

But on Monday, February 22, ITV Studios France, the production company behind the French version of "The Voice," published a press release in which it said it was "extremely shocked by these tweets which are the opposite of the values of inclusion and tolerance advocated by 'The Voice,' as evidenced by the diversity of talents." And to add: "These messages are also contrary to the commitments made by the talents who participate in 'The Voice.'" In conclusion, "these messages remain incompatible with our values and with its participation in the program which ends today."

He may have been canceled from the show, but his performance can still be seen on YouTube. [Edit

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