Leader of Russian Anti-Gay Neo-Nazi Group Arrested in Cuba

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Monday January 20, 2014

The head of a Russian neo-Nazi group that's accused of torturing LGBT youth, fled to Cuba last month but was arrested in the Caribbean country on Sunday, Russia's official news agency RIA Novosti reports.

According to a statement made by the Russian Interior Ministry, Cuban police told Russian authorities that Maxim Martsinkevich, the leader of "Occupy Paedophillia," was arrested through Interpol.

Last month Martsinkevich, also known as Tesak (Russian for "machete"), was arrested last month in absentia by a Russian court after being charged with extremism.

According to reports, Martsinkevich and his group took to popular Russian social media websites to lure LGBT teens, then torture and humiliate them by bullying their victims while recording them. The clips of the abuse were posted online so they could out the youth to their friends, families and schools.

Martsinkevich took to Russian social media website VKontakte in December and wrote that he fled to Cuba to avoid arrest in Russia. On Christmas he wrote:

"Attention! Official dispatch from Freedom Island (i.e. Cuba)!
An offer regarding the investigation and trial.

The case against me is very unusual. There are no victims. No damages. The investigation was done by incompetents. The crimes were committed virtually. I was charged without being present. I was arrested in absentia.

Contrary to Interpol statutes, there has been an international arrest warrant issued in my name. I do not recognize my guilt. I am currently in Latin America and do not have the money to return to Russia.

Given the above and thinking logically, I ask the following:

To hold the questioning and trial in the open for the mass media to observe, with me being present via Skype. In case of conviction, I offer to serve the prison term virtually, by placing an avatar behind bars for the amount of time designated by the court.

That would be fair and just, and would help bring about legal innovation.
If you agree, repost this message.

Sincerely, Maxim Martsinkevich"

According to RIA Novosti Martsinkevich has more than 130,000 subscribers to his social media page.