Alleged ISIS Members Fling Gay Man Off Building

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Friday December 12, 2014

Disturbing images surfaced this week that allegedly show ISIS militants attempting to kill a man by throwing him off a three-story building, all because he is gay, the New York Daily News reports.

The incident took place along the Syria-Iraq border.

"The Islamic court in Wilayat al-Furat decided that a man who has practiced sodomy must be thrown off the highest point in the city, and then stoned to death," ISIS announced Wednesday, according to AFP.

Wilayet al-Furat is an area stretching across the Syrian-Iraqi frontier, where the Euphrates river flows from Syria into Iraq, the Daily Mail writes.

The New York Daily News points out that the incident was caught in a series of graphic photos, which you can view here. The images show the group of terrorists throwing the man off the building, with the man landing on the dirt-covered ground next to the street.

It is unclear if the victim survived the fall, however, but "cement blocks surround the body in another disturbing image," the New York Daily News writes.

According to the Daily Mail there were at least eight members of ISIS in the photos. The account also said the images came from a jihadist website just hours after the U.S. Senate report detailed the abuse of the CIA detainees in secret prisons around the world.

ISIS stoned two Syrian men last month in two separate incidents because they were gay, as well.

In September an militant allegedly connected to ISIS compared gays to pedophiles, calling them "animals," and saying that they were "the worst of creatures" in an 8-minute video uploaded to the extremist website