Two US. Pastors Share 'Golden Enema' in Russia


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday December 22, 2014

Congratulations Pastors Scott Lively and James Manning, you've won an international award. But you'll have to bend over to receive it first.

It's been quite the year for anti-gay pastor Scott Lively. After finishing a distant fourth Massachusetts's gubernatorial election and having his appeal for a crimes against humanity lawsuit turned down, he is now the proud winner of Russia's "Golden Enema Award" for 2014. But he's going to have to share it.

Pastor Jame David Manning whose sign "Obama Has Released The Homo Demons On The Black Man," at his virulently anti-gay ministry Atlah World Ministry Church in Harlem, is also a "Golden Enema" winner.

On 18th December 2014 the Regional Press Institute, St. Petersburg, was the venue for another of the Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality's annual "Golden Enema" booby-prize ceremonies.

This is the first year in which a "Golden Enema" was open to an international category entitled "Shame Without Borders" awarded to Pastor Scott Lively and Pastor James David Manning. Their booby-prize was entitled "Homophobic Pollution of the Planet." Mr. Lively is actively involved in promoting homophobia in Russia and elsewhere, and has recently claimed that being a homosexual is worse than being a serial killer. His colleague Mr. Manning has claimed that the sperm of gay men is a "secret ingredient of Starbucks latte."

Russia's social-cleansing "Golden Enema" booby-prize was established by the Straight Alliance for LGBT Equality and is presented annually to public figures and organizations whose homophobic statements and actions have attained particular distinction in the past year. This year the prize was awarded for the third time.

Concluding the ceremony, the presenters observed that it would be desirable if, one day, the "Golden Enema" awards were not needed -- for lack of nominees. But those thoughts are the stuff of dreams, which means that after another year the "Golden Enemas" will be with you again.