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Penn State Professor Tells Students to 'Watch Gay Porn' to Embrace their Fluidity

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 14, 2023
Originally published on January 13, 2023

Penn. State professor Sam Richards
Penn. State professor Sam Richards  

Where do we sign up for this class? An American college professor is in hot water for reportedly urging his sociology students to watch gay porn to better understand their sexualities.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Sam Richards was attempting to illustrate that "we are all at some level nonbinary and very easily bisexual." By watching gay porn, he felt he was challenging his students to better understand themselves.

However, when Richards posed the challenge, the room reportedly went silent, and the moment came during a discussion billed on Richards' syllabus as "A Conversation on Trans Issues, TERFS, and The Binary."

Of course video from the lesson that was posted to Richards' YouTube channel has now been making the rounds and stirring up controversy. The stream has since been made private.

"If you're straight, watch gay or lesbian porn and see how quickly you feel aroused - and how you can't control that," Richards reportedly asked in the clip, which was viewed by Fox News.

Reportedly singling out a few male students, Richards explained that they might "realize that, 'Oh, d**n, I could be sexualized by people who are like me.'"

The blowback over his statements have already began, with some commentators sharing the reports on Twitter.

Despite this, Penn State is reportedly standing by Richards' statements as not being damaging and part of the "academic freedom for faculty" needed to achieve "critical thinking and discussion" within its student body.

I might have hit a nerve there. Did I hit a nerve?" Richards asked to the silent room.

What do you think? Did he hit a nerve?