Obama Fist Bumps BBQ Cashier Over Gay Sex Joke

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Monday July 14, 2014

President Barack Obama brought the cool factor back to the fist bump and showed why this month when he fist bumped a BBQ cashier in response to a joke about gay rights.

According to the Austin Chronicle, Obama was continuing his tour of Colorado and Texas and when he grabbed some grub at the Franklin Barbecue counter in Austin last Thursday, he had the chance to speak with cashier Rugg Webb, who said, "It was just a lucky day to be the register girl."

When Obama approached the counter, Webb seized the moment and said, "Equal rights for gay people!" The president then asked if Webb was gay and Webb responded, "Only when I have sex."

"That's when he laughed and said, 'Bump me,'" Webb, who says he does stand-up comedy, told the newspaper. "...It was cool to get a joke in. In all the photos [all over the Internet], I look like a dead fish, but it was cool. I do stand-up, so it was nice to have some interaction based on, hopefully, something funny."

The outcome could have pretty different if another politician crossed paths with Webb.

"If Rick Perry would've walked in, I would have lost my job. I would've taken that old queen to town," he told the Chronicle.

While the image of Obama fist-bumping Webb went viral, the president got some flack for cutting the famously long line at the renowned BBQ restaurant. He tried to make up for the faux pas by buying some people's food.

The Austin American-Statesman writes:

When he arrived at the counter, Obama offered to pay for the order for the two people in front of him - Bruce Finstad of Houston and his daughter Faith of Austin. After they ordered three pounds of brisket, two pounds of ribs, and a half-pound each of turkey and sausage, Obama said, "How many folks are you guys feeding? Just kidding."

President Obama ordered almost $300 in barbecue - not including the Finstad's order - and paid with a credit card, after shoving a wad of cash back into his pocket. The president was headed to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after his stop at Franklin. I bet he takes a nap on the flight home.