Two Organizers of Boston's 2019 Straight Pride Parade Arrested for Participating in Capitol Riot

Friday January 22, 2021

Remember Super Happy Fun America? They were the group that in 2019 received much media attention for the Straight Pride Parade, which took place on Saturday, August 31, 2019 in Boston. They haven't been heard much of since then, but are back in the news this week with the arrest of two of those behind the march for participating in the Capitol insurgency on January 6, 2021: Mark Sahady, 46, and Suzanne Ianni, 59. Malden resident Sahady is identified on the Super Happy Fun America website as the group's Vice President, and Ianni is a town meeting member in Natick, MA.

They were arrested in their homes on Tuesday, January 19 by Federal authorities in their homes, the Daily Mail reports.

"Each were identified by the FBI through social media, specifically through the organization 'Super Happy Fun America,' according to court documents. The group posted pictures on Twitter of both Ianni and Sahady on a bus with a caption 'Bus 1 of 11 coming to Washington DC. See you there!'" reports the website Mass Live.

"According to court documents, Ianni organized the buses to the nation's capital for the group. Sahady, court documents say, is the vice president of the group."

"The Super Happy Fun America web site says that it is geared toward the 'straight community.' Its motto is 'It's Great to be Straight,'" the DM adds. "In August 2019, hundreds took part in the 'Straight Pride' parade in Boston — only to be outnumbered by counter-protesters."

Ianni worked with the group to organize buses to take people to Washington ahead of the rally and riot on January 6, authorities said. "Both of them were identified in a picture of a group of people that Super Happy Fun America posted on Twitter with the caption: 'Bus 1 of 11 coming to Washington DC See you there!' authorities reported to the Daily Mail.

"The FBI cited photos from Jan. 6 showing the Ianni and Sahady together outside and inside the U.S. Capitol, confirming the two were together," adds Mass Live.

Shady's Twitter account has been suspended, but it was lively prior to his arrest. The Daily Mail captured screen shots of some of them. Here are the texts:

On November 16, 2020: "It was great to meet so many patriots from all over the country in DC this weekend. Let's plan for a large rally at the Inauguration. If Trump wins, we will be there to support him. If Biden wins, we will be there to oppose him and send a message that tyranny will be resisted."

On December 20, 2020: "It's important that millions of Americans show up in DC on January 6th to support the legitimate President, Donald Trump, and show Democrats what they will be facing if they continue to try to steal the Presidency."

December 31, 2020: "We have 7 buses coming. There are still some spaces left"

January 4, 2021: "January 6th — Washington DC — It begins"

And while Sahady's Twitter is now suspended, the Super Happy Fun America Twitter feed is alive and well and not in any mood for unity:

EDGE reported on Super Happy Fun America before the August, 2019 event; and also covered it with commentary and photos.