Watch: 'Gay Animal Control?' Woman Reports Gay Neighbor to Gay Resource Center

Saturday August 20, 2022
Originally published on August 16, 2022

Watch: 'Gay Animal Control?' Woman Reports Gay Neighbor to Gay Resource Center
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Got a troublesome gay in your life? A woman found a unique solution when a gay neighbor got on her nerves: She called a gay resource center to report them. "I'm having problems with a... gay person that I've known for a while, and he is bothering me," the woman says in the voicemail. "I would like to report him to you. I know that you could help me so that he will not bother me any longer."

@jacksonwhitt In her defence, I'm usually havung problems with gay person too ?????????? #lgbt #lgbtq #queer #queercomedy #gaytiktok #gayboy #gaybear ? original sound - Jackson Carter

Jackson Carter (@jacksonwhitt), the resource center worker who took the call, posted the call on his TikTok account, saying he gets "a lot of crazy calls," but this voicemail was his "favorite," the Daily Dot reported.

"She called us like we were gay animal control to come remove the bothersome homosexual from her neighborhood," Carter commented in the clip. He also said that he thought he heard the woman "almost drop a slur."

The caption reads, "In her defense, I'm usually having problems with a gay person too." Carter's video reached over 767,000 views in less than 24 hours.

The Daily Dot added: "In a follow-up video, Carter says the woman called him back but that he didn't record the second call, warning that it 'sounds made up.'"

"She tells me that this gay guy has lived across the street from her for years, he's 'evil,' he's 'wicked,' and he has been harassing her but she can't prove it," Carter said. "He has energy machines in his house that shoot electrical pulses through his window into her window to harm her."

Carter continued to explain that the woman alleged she felt two beams hit her "straight in the chest." The TikToker responded saying she should contact the authorities. He said that she laughed it off and said that instead, she had contacted two "Mormon leadership" members and her gay neighbor's pastor, Pastor Jimi, to report the situation.

The woman suggested Carter speak to Pastor Jimi. He reached out to him via email asking if he had spoken to her and suggesting that they reach out to the authorities for a "wellness check."

Pastor Jimi did not respond, but a therapist did respond to his TikTok, writing: "Therapist here: Unfortunately this is how persecutory delusions can take shape in the postmodern age due to advances in tech."