The Daily Beast Launches Campaign to Find Kim Davis' Alleged Gay Friends

Thursday September 24, 2015

Embattled Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis having gay friends sounds like an oxymoron. But according to the woman herself, she has a few GBFFs.

Her claims came during a recent interview with "Good Morning America" -- her first TV interview after she was released from jail for refusing to give same-sex couples marriage licenses. Reporter Paula Faris asked the Rowan County clerk if she would deny marriage licenses to gay friends. Davis said, "I did."

"I have friends who are gay and lesbian, and they know where I stand," she added. "We don't agree on the issue." In the same interview, she also said she is not a homophobe and said she is "washed clean" when responding to criticisms about her multiple marriages.

The folks over at the Daily Beast are determined to get to the bottom of Davis' claims and find out if Davis, with her staunch anti-gay marriage views, actually has any gay friends. The website launched a campaign to find these alleged gay pals.

After trying to reach Davis with no avail, the Daily Beast contacted her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel. A spokesman told the website she couldn't name any of Davis' gay friends but it doesn't mean she doesn't have them.

"I don't think she would lie," spokeswoman Charla Bansley told the Daily Beast. "Someone who goes to jail for her conscience wouldn't lie about that."

The website got in contact with Davis' first husband, Dwain Wallace, and asked if she was telling the truth about befriending members of the LGBT community. Unfortunately, he said he "wouldn't have a clue, to be honest."

The Daily Beast also reached out to Davis' neighbors and Brian Mason, the deputy clerk who has been issuing marriage licenses for Davis, but no one could confirm her platonic relationships with gay people.

But the Daily Beast did track down one person -- Carmen Wampler-Collins, a lesbian from Morehead, Ky., who said her niece, who is also lesbian, knows the Davis family.

"I grew up in Morehead and it's fairly common to have people in your life say they love you and still hold deep opposition to you being in a same-sex relationship," she told the website. "It's a small town and many people just feel it's best to get along and not make waves, even if they face discrimination."

Finally, the Daily Beast contacted the LGBT advocacy group, Kentucky Equality. Members of the organization put out a message to its 6,000 supporters on Facebook asking gay friends of Davis to come forward.

"Does Kim Davis have gay friends whom she has denied marriage licenses as she claimed to ABC's 'Good Morning America?' Are you one of her gay 'best friends' that she claims to have? If you are, the media would like to speak to you to verify this claim because Kentucky Equality Federation simply doesn't believe anything that comes out of this woman's mouth," the post reads. "If you can verify her claim, please email us here on our Official Facebook Page and we will pass the reporters information to you."

As of this writing, none of Davis' gay "friends" have come forward.