'Modern Family' Star Discusses Body Dysmorphia, Comes Out to Public

Monday November 23, 2015

"Modern Family" star Reid Ewing made headlines last week when he wrote a piece for the Huffington Post detailing his body dysmorphia and addiction to plastic surgery. On Saturday, the 27-year-old actor took to Twitter and confirmed he's gay during a conversation on body dysmorphia.

In his HuffPo article, titled "I Underwent Cosmetic Surgery for My Body Dysmorphia... And I Wish I Hadn't," Ewing writes: "I genuinely believed if I had one procedure I would suddenly look like Brad Pitt."

Ewing, who plays Sarah Hyland's boyfriend Dylan on "Modern Family," took to Twitter Saturday to respond to a story "Good Morning America" aired about a young man named Eugene Bata, who discussed his struggles with body dysmorphia, and revealed he is gay.

The actor confirmed he's gay in another tweet Sunday.

Ewing also commented on the reaction to his coming out Monday.

Check out Ewing discussing body dysmorphia with "Inside Edition" below.

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