This New Website Tells You Who Blocked You on Grindr

Wednesday March 21, 2018

Ever spot and chat up a hunk on Grindr to only realized days later he's vanished from your grid? Did he move or did he ghost you?

A new website called C*ckblocked will let you see if guys have used the anonymous blocking feature on the app.

The site comes from Trever Faden, a tech developer based in D.C., who created the site in his spare time.

"I downloaded Grindr, and as soon as I downloaded it and I opened it up, I realized, 'Wow, there's a lot of really interesting data here,'" Faden told Metro Weekly.

To find out if you've been blocked, simply log into C*ckblocked's website with your Grindr credentials.

"[Grindr blocking data] returns two lists - the profile IDs of the people that you've blocked, and then a list of people that you've been blocked by," Faden explained. "I thought that was interesting because it makes sense that you would be able to see a list of all the people that you've blocked."

As of the Metro Weekly writing, the website has logged in 30,000 curious users.

"I've heard people say, 'Oh, I've seen my significant other on here that said he wasn't on the app,'" he said. "I also saw somebody who said they noticed someone who infected them with HIV and still isn't declaring their status, and blocked their profile on Grindr."

Though you may want to know who has blocked you, some Grindr users are worried Faden could have access to their sensitive data and passwords. But he explains that isn't the case.

"Instead of me having to let you store your password on your computer in clear text, you can store an authentication token," Faden told the publication. "You're the only person who has the keys. It's you and Grindr. I'm just a guy in the middle kind of throwing things on both sides."

He also suggested C*ckblockers may not be around for too long.

"I would imagine they will try to shut me down very quickly," he said. "They could just block that traffic, so that way nobody could use the app that I built, because if a request tries to go out from the server, it will just basically block it."

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