Report: Some Folks Enjoy Getting COVID Swab Tests Due to 'Nussy' Stimulation

Tuesday December 22, 2020

A new report from Rolling Stone magazine has identified a group of people who get off on getting COVID-19 tests in which their nose is swabbed for the virus — or people who enjoy "nussy" stimulation.

"A portmanteau of 'nose' and 'pussy' (similar to 'bussy,' a term popularized in the LGBTQ community to refer to the anus), the term 'nussy' predates the pandemic — the earliest use of the term I could find on Twitter was a shitpost from 2018, with @cruel_genesis musing, 'instead of "picking ur nose," how about "fingering that nussy,"' writes the publication's EJ Dickson. "Yet aside from the occasional ENT doctor visit, Neti pot purchase, or glimpse during poorly shot POV porn, the actual body part has historically received little attention, to the degree that it doesn't even have an Urban Dictionary definition."

Dickson adds: "The rise of the COVID-19 nasal swab, however, has brought the nussy into the forefront, leading to millions of people sharing the novel experience of having an entirely new body part poked, prodded, and penetrated. As a result, it has become something of a meme on social media, with many sharing both the discomfort — and the unexpected pleasures — of hardcore nussy stimulation."

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