Colton Underwood Opens Up about Engagement Jewelry and a 'Non-traditional' Wedding

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Sunday March 13, 2022
Originally published on March 8, 2022

Out reality show star and former NFL player Colton Underwood says while he and fiancé Jordan C. Brown are planning to get engagement rings, for the moments they have necklaces that serve the same purpose — and when it comes to the big day itself, they plan to enjoy an equally "non-traditional' ceremony to tie the knot, Today reports.

"We both felt it was important to pick our rings out together, so we're going to be doing that here shortly," Underwood said on an Amazon Live interview. "But we have these necklaces as our engagement necklaces for right now."

The onetime "Bachelor" star, 30, talked about how, although he and Brown had discussed marriage, he was still surprised when Brown proposed.

"I had an idea that we were both ready for it," Underwood disclosed. "I just didn't know exactly when it was going to happen."

Brown chose a getaway in January, as the two were celebrating Underwood's birthday by camping in Big Sur, Today recalled.

That suited Underwood just fine. "I feel like an engagement should be a surprise-ish," Underwood said. "It shouldn't catch you completely off guard, but a good surprise, I feel like, is important."

As to when the blessed event will happen, Underwood didn't offer a date, but he did suggest it wouldn't be in the far future.

"We don't really want a super long engagement," Underwood said, according top People magazine. "So, realistically, I don't know if we're going to be able to pull it off like we want to, but we're going to try."

As for the guest list, Underwood made it clear that it would be an occasion for family and friends.

"Our rule of thumb for our invite list was we don't want to have to introduce ourselves at our own wedding," the "Coming Out Colton" star explained. "We want to spend time with our friends and our family."

Even so, the roster of those invited is, he admitted, "a work in progress. It's constantly being tweaked, or, 'Oh, we forgot this person.' 'This person has to be here.'

"It is a little overwhelming because you have so many phases of your life that you need to bring together to help celebrate," the celeb added.

One thing the celeb could say for sure: He and the other groom want to take it outdoors and celebrate their commitment in a beautiful natural setting.

"Jordan and I are thinking about an outdoor wedding," Underwood confided, saying that the couple are "looking in Colorado, Montana, Northern California, for an outdoor venue to really bring sort of our vision to life for the wedding. I think a good start is to have locations and then go from there and really sort of map out and feel what's available and what's not."

On the guest list or not, though, expect the unexpected when the big day arrives.

"Jordan and I are really looking forward to and leaning into the nontraditional route of it," Underwood teased. "That aspect of our relationship and our engagement and even, you know, our wedding when it comes time to plan that, we're going to be doing it, hopefully, in a nontraditional fun, weird way.

"It's going to be authentic to us instead of trying to fit into some mold."

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