Watch: Looking for an Alternate to Morning News Shows? Check Out Webcast 'Rising'

Tuesday August 18, 2020

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on "Rising"
Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti on "Rising"  (Source:Rising on the Hill)

Had it with "Morning Joe?" (Please, Mike Barnicle, cancel). CNN too earnest? Fox News too toxic?

If you are looking for an alternate each day for informed political commentary, check out "Rising" on the website The Hill. A daily 15-minute commentary webcast featuring former MSNBC personality and political candidate Krystal Ball and conservative talking head Saagar Enjeti.

Take yesterday's broadcast that offers a hard look at recent polling that suggests the sanguine attitude amongst Democrats should be short-lived even as they nominate Joe Biden this week with their virtual convention.

"It smells like Hillary Clinton to me," says Enjeti.

With Ball articulating what many disgruntled Democrats are feeling:

"It is just outrageous. It is something we have been saying from the beginning, which is you are taking a tremendous risk by betting the farm on a guy who has no vision and could not articulate that vision even if had it."

But Donald Trump doesn't escape their criticism, especially with the President's thoughts about boat flotillas and flags supporting the President.

Plus watch to the end for new developments in the Alex Morse scandal that indicts the state's Democratic Party in their involvement with the student's group that went public with accusations against the insurgent candidate.

Watch the August 17 webcast below.

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