New Poll Reveals 45% of Queer Men Support Trump

Tuesday September 15, 2020

What may be surprising is a poll "of 1,200 queer men in the United States found that 45% planned on voting for Republican President Donald Trump," Newsweek reports. 51% said they would vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The poll was conducted by the queer social media site Hornet and its results "fall very close to recent national polling showing 50% of voters supporting Biden and 43% supporting Trump," adds Newsweek. Hornet asked 10,000 users worldwide for their choice and those results showed Biden getter wider support with 66% and Trump 34%.

Of the 1200 US respondees, "49% said that they do not support Trump at all and 11% said they disagree with him on most issues. 9% said they agree with Trump on some issues and disagree with him on others. Only 27% of U.S.-based respondents said they either mostly or fully supported Trump," writes Newsweek.

"However, 10% of the U.S. men who said they 'do not support [Trump] at all' said that they will vote for him regardless."

Exit polls from the 2016 presidential elections found that at least 75% of LGBTQ voters supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump. A reported 14% favored Trump.

"Hornet's male users may not reflect the larger LGBTQ community which largely votes Democrat, and LGBTQ voters may have soured on Trump having seen his administration's handling of queer issues," adds Newsweek.

"Recent polling also suggests that most LGBTQ voters will oppose Trump. A June 2020 poll of more than 30,000 registered voters conducted by the technology company Morning Consult found that 53 percent of LGBTQ-identified voters favored Biden and only 20 percent favored Trump."

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