Conservative TV Host on Oreos Ad: 'I Do Not Like Gay Cookies'

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday April 7, 2022

We didn't know gay cookies were a thing but they sound delicious despite what conservative TV host Greg Kelly says.

Earlier this week the Newsmax took to Twitter to express his discuss over a new Oreo ad that features a man coming out.

About the ad, Kelly tweeted in all caps to his 432K followers: "Stay the hell away from Oreo cookies."

He added, "I do not like gay cookies."

But there is more to the story and the clip actually isn't about gay cookies at all.

Titled "The Note," the two-minute film is directed by openly gay director Alice Wu and explores the emotional moment LGBTQ people often face when they decide to come out to their families.

In the ad spot, a Chinese-American man is practicing the words he will use to tell his grandmother when his mother slips him a note reading, "She might be my mother. But you are my son."

The film then ends with a message urging viewers to "be a lifelong ally."

Kelly, obviously, didn't get that message rage tweeting: "Cookie! I love COOKIES. C is for COOKIE. COOKIE IS FOR ME. I do NOT like GAY COOKIES," he wrote. "Sexuality" has NOTHING TO DO with the Cookie experience. Cookies are for ALL! Basically Cookies are "asexual" — why is the WOKE LEFT messing around with OREOS?!?! STOP THE INSANITY"

Someone is a Cookie Monster.