Catch Congressman Madison Cawthorn Modeling Sexy Women's Lingerie

Saturday April 23, 2022
Originally published on April 22, 2022

Earlier this week North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn claimed there are only two sexes. And in photos released Friday by Politico, he appears to be straddling both of them.

In the pics, Politico writes, Cawthorn is "wearing lingerie in what appears to be a party setting."

Cawthorn has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons and faces being a one-term congressman if defeated in an upcoming primary against seven opponents.

In the two photos, Cawthorn is seen wearing a white women's undergarment with a black bra on top and hoop earrings. In one he is drinking, in the other appears to be making a sexy pose. He is with two women who are laughing.

The congressman's most recent troubles began when he claimed on a conservative podcast that he had been invited to orgies by older, Republican colleagues. He also claimed he has seen them doing cocaine. Politico reported that he later admitted such claims were exaggerated after receiving criticism from leading GOP leaders, including Minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

Politico added that "the revelation of the two photos is the latest in a series of unflattering headlines for the freshman member of Congress in the run-up to the primary in his first re-election bid." In the May 17 primary he he faces seven opponents.

In addition to his accusations against senior Republicans, the 26 year old called Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy a "thug," suggested teetotaling Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a drinking problem, and racked up a collection of traffic transgressions including speeding, driving with expired tags and driving with a revoked license. He has court dates in May and June."

Politico could not independently verify the photos, which are screenshots of original images. They were provided by someone close to Cawthorn and his campaign and were verified by a second person also close to the campaign. When they were taken is unclear, "though they appear to show Cawthorn sitting in a wheelchair, indicating the event happened after his accident. In the photos, he is wearing a distinctive pendant necklace that has appeared in other images and videos of Cawthorn. The photos have started to circulate among political rivals."

Politico reached out to Cawthorn's spokesman Luke Ball, but he did not respond to multiple requests.

Cawthorn tweeted after the Politico report was published that the photos were taken of him during a game on a cruise before he was elected to Congress. "I guess the left thinks goofy vacation photos during a game on a cruise (taken waaay before I ran for Congress) is going to somehow hurt me? They're running out of things to throw at me... Share your most embarrassing vacay pics in the replies."

Rolling Stone observed that "Cawthorn looks like he's having a good time in the photos, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with a man putting on some lingerie. The lawmaker does, however, have a lengthy rap sheet of offensive behavior and comments. Cawthorn has been accused of sexual misconduct. He's lied about his car accident, his academic record, and his opponent in his 2020 congressional race. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Cawthorn also admitted he lied about his recent comments about congressional orgies and cocaine use among his colleagues."

Politico added a quote from the congressman about his beliefs:?

"I was raised on Proverbs and pushups," Cawthorn said in a podcast in September 2020.

"I subscribe to Judeo-Christian beliefs," he continued. "I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I think if you think about my political ideology, where it really stems from, you know, my ethics and my morals and what I think is right and wrong, you look to ancient Jerusalem, you got ancient Judeo-Christian values. So right and wrong," he continued. "I also cling to a lot of traditional values and a lot of traditional ideas, because they've worked in the past."

"I think that we have bred a generation of soft men and that generation has created a lot of problems in our society and our culture," he said in March 2021 on a podcast "designed to reclaim and restore masculinity in a society that is ever more dismissive of what it means to be a man."

"There's only one God and two genders," he said in a tweet earlier this week.