Watch: Log Cabin Republicans Honor LGBTQ+ 'Advocate' Melania Trump

Thursday November 11, 2021
Originally published on November 9, 2021

Did you ever think you'd see the names Melania Trump and Abraham Lincoln in the same sentence? If so, then you were probably at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday night when the Log Cabin Republicans honored the former first lady with their annual "Spirit of Lincoln" award.

As the guest of honor at the gala, Melania was celebrated for making history as 'the first Republican first lady to ever support our community,'" Pink News reported.

Trump's former ambassador to Germany, out GOP pol Richard Grenell, said this of Melania Trump in a video prepared for the occasion: "From the moment I met first lady Melania Trump at the beginning of the Trump administration, I knew our community had an advocate."

He continued: "I'm not so sure where she got her passion for equality, but it was there, and it was real. Maybe it's because she's the most international first lady we've ever had? She speaks so many languages, understands so many cultures, appreciates diversity."

You'd think from the gushing testimonials in the video that Mrs. Trump is Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Kennedy, and Nancy Reagan all bundled up in one fashionable package. Her fashion sense was certainly praised.

"Every morning the whole world would wake up to see what she was wearing next," says one of the out Log Cabin Republicans in the video. "What is she wearing? How fabulous is it? We were just gobsmacked, for lack of a better term, by how utterly amazing she looked," said another.

"Thank you so much for being a fierce and outspoken ally for our community. We are so lucky and so proud to have you on our team," praised one.

"Thank you Mrs. Trump for your support, your class, your grace, your elegance and your style. And for being the most memorable first lady we ever had," said another.

Yet, Pink News observes, that while Mrs. Trump "positioned herself as softer on such issues than the president, and once attempted to light up the White House in rainbow colours during Pride month, she never actually spoke out against her husband's overtly anti-LGBT+ policies."