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Happy Face or Sneer? Straight Pride Parade Set for Saturday in Boston

Friday August 30, 2019

The website for Super Happy Fun America features a sea of yellow happy faces attached to men in black suits walking along a city street. Above them is the same face, acting as a radiating sun. It is meant to be a fun image, but there is something disingenuous and creepy about it. Why does everybody look the same? And just who is behind those smiling faces that sneer at the LGBTQ community?

It won't be long before the world finds out. On Saturday, August 31, the group hosts its first Straight Pride Parade in Boston.

The parade is scheduled to begin at noon in Copley Square and follow the same route that the Boston LGBTQ Parade uses each June, threading through the South End, the Back Bay and Beacon Hill before ending on City Hall Plaza.

Though the organizers claim the event is meant for participants to "embrace the straight community's diverse history, culture, and identity regardless of sexual orientation," beneath the happy faces is just run-of-the-mill, bro-driven homophobia.

"Hate wrapped in a fake fun package," comments one reader on its Facebook page. "White supremacy and fascism at its finest. My must you have no time on your hand considering straight people are not suppressed what so ever."

Here's a look at those behind the event.

''To begin with, the parade's Grand Marshall is Milo Yiannopoulos, the (self-loathing) gay British, far right-wing commentator who (according to his Wiki page) "is a former editor for Breitbart News who describes himself as a 'cultural libertarian' ". Because of his radical right-wing views, he has been permanently banned from Facebook and Twitter. While at Breitbart, he sought the views of ultra-right groups, including neo-Nazis and white supremacists, it was revealed through leaked emails.

His views on homosexuality make it apparent as to why he would never be picked to be Grand Marshall of a LGBTQ parade.

"Is being homosexual 'wrong'?" Yiannopoulos wrote in a blog post. "Something somewhere inside of me says Yes. You probably don't agree. But I think we can all agree that, unless you live in the cosseted bubble of a liberal metropolis, the reality of growing up gay for most people is a horribly lonely, miserable experience. (If you don't know, take it from me: it is.)"

According to a story published at Raw Story, Yiannopoulos told comedian Joe Rogan in a 2015 interview that if he could be cured of his homosexuality, he would. "Well, it would be career suicide," he said, "But I probably would, yeah."

Behind the event is a group called Super Happy Fun America, headed by three men: John Hugo (President); Mark Sahady (Vice President); and Samson Racioppi (Grassroots Organizer). For more on the group, visit their webpage.

And while they may be putting on a happy face, a deeper dive into the organization shows ties to radical right wing groups and individuals.

The Daily Beast reported in June that the "event is a front for a far-right group founded by notorious right-wing brawler Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman." Chapman received his moniker (according to a profile in the New Republic) when on March 4, 2017 "a video of Chapman breaking a wooden sign post over the head of an Antifa activist went viral, quickly launching him to fame as the subject of a new alt-right meme: 'Based Stickman.' "

As for Sahady, one of the parade's organizers, the Daily Beast wrote that "he has a long history participating in controversial right-wing events around Boston as an organizer for Resist Marxism, a group Chapman founded at the height of the fame he earned attacking left-wing anti-fascist activists with his eponymous 'stick.'

"Chapman appears to no longer be involved with the group now that he's facing felony charges in two states over two assaults. But Sahady has taken up his position, organizing Resist Marxism events around the Boston area."

The Daily Beast found that Resist Marxism has ties to the Patriot Front, a group the Southern Poverty Law Center has called "a white nationalist hate group."

"Sahady isn't the only Straight Pride Parade organizer with ties to Resist Marxism," the Daily Beast added. "Another promoter, John Hugo, unsuccessfully ran for Congress last year with an endorsement and organizing support from the group."

But in a world where straight white men rule, why do three straight white men feel the need to hold this parade? The answers may be found with an interview with Hugo had with Fox commentator Jesse Watters conducted in June, which is transcribed below:

Jesse Watters: How are straight guys oppressed?

John Hugo: If we talk about our issues, like we don't want to see children having sex changes because parents don't like the gender of the their child, we are immediately called villains in the mainstream media, things like that. We are more than three guys, by the way, we have a couple of hundred people already and we are being deluged with emails. Half of them hate us and half of them love us, so we'll have a big crowd.

Jesse Watters: What would a straight pride look like? Isn't just most people walking down the street on a normal day?

John Hugo: Well, what is wrong with celebrating straight pride? It is a sexual orientation.

Jesse Watters: I guess...

John Hugo: Last year I ran for Congress and this year I have had sexually congress because I am a proud straight man.

Jesse Watters: Do you have your own straight pride flag? Cause the gay people have the rainbow flag. What does it look like?

John Hugo: It is a pink and blue flag with the symbol for male and female on it. The city of Boston actually has denied us the right to do it. We use the exact same language that the LGBTQ community used and they were approved and their flag for seven days. WE only wanted a couple of hours. So the Mass Commission against Discrimination has now opened a case against them....

Jesse Watters: You want to the straight flag all over downtown Boston or just at City Hall?

John Hugo: No. Just on the City of Boston flagpole. They put the Communist Chinese flag up there, but we can't do that?

Jesse Watters: So Boston is putting the Communist Chinese flag up but they won't put a straight flag up.

John Hugo: They also are in a lawsuit right now because they wouldn't do a Christian flag, but it is the City of Boston? What are you going to do?

Jesse Watters: When you guys get a permit — you are looking for a permit — when you get the permit and you do this big straight pride march, are people going to be wearing certain outfits because the gay pride parades are pretty interesting, let's put it that way.

John Hugo: One of the things we want is Jesse is they add S to LGBTQ for straight. It is more inclusive that way.

Jesse Watters: Are you doing this as a joke to be provocative or do you really feel ..

John Hugo: Oh, No, no, no. We think this is great. We knew we were going to trigger the left and that's why we called it Super Happy Fun America. cause now the whole Hollywood elite is having a meltdown. The View. Stephen Colbert, who stopped being funny as soon as he became a shill for the left. They are all going crazy.

Jesse Watters: Why do you think they are all going crazy? Do you understand why the LGBTQ community is a little upset by this?

John Hugo: That's really funny because Milo Yiannopoulos has just become the head of our parade and we have a lot of gay people who are helping us. We have gay allies.

Jesse Watters: Because Milo is gay and he is the head of the Straight Pride Parade?

John Hugo: He is going to be our Grand Marshall. We just thought it would be a lot of fun to have him...

Jesse Watters: Are you sure you want to associate yourself with Milo. He is probably one of the most controversial people out there?

John Hugo: Oh, like this isn't controversial? We are breaking the Internet, Jessie...

Jesse Watters: I thought you said it is not controversial? I thought you said the straight community is not. I guess it is controversial because people are upset by it. That's what I think you mean.

John Hugo: But their criticism is ridiculous. So we have a slogan, Don't Hate the Straight. It is going to be a real fun time.

Jesse Watters: I think you guys are going to have more protestors than you are going to have marchers, but the cameras will be there and when you do march in Boston I bet it gets a lot of coverage.

John Hugo: We are going to have a super happy fun time. Thanks for having us.

Watch the interview below:

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