Canadian Swimmer's Video Goes Viral... But Not for his Diving

Wednesday February 20, 2019

Since being posted last week a video of Canadian swimmer Vincent Riendeau has gone viral with nearly 1,000,000 views on YouTube. But it is not because of his diving prowess (which is considerable and has won him numerous honors over his career). Rather it is his considerable bulge that is getting this video so many hits.

The 22-year old Montreal-based Riendeau has been swimming professionally since 2006 when he won his first junior national titles. At his Olympic debut at Rio 2016, Riendeau advanced to the individual 10m platform semifinal, missing the final by just two places.(For more on his accolades, follow this link.)

The YouTube video brought numerous comments, some scornful questioning why such a video should be posted for such prurient reasons; while others reveling in its cheekiness. Here's a sample of comments:

"Imagine working hard for a competition and people just talk about your genital????," writes dan d.

"this comment section looks like its pornhub lmaoooo," - Joshcirujj.

"Well, he can always do porn if the diving thing doesn't work out lol" - emercycrite.?

"I don't know diving but I'd rate his Speedo torpedo 9.5," - zenistic.

"0:21 why is Vincent looking at the bulge of the other guy with black swimwear?" - No Vo.

Watch the diving video:

For more in Riendeau, read this interview.

Also, watch this video of Riendeau doing his leg work (with one memorable shot of his bulge).