Out Surfer Finds Empowerment Through OnlyFans

Tuesday April 13, 2021
Originally published on April 12, 2021

Nick Vallejo
Nick Vallejo  (Source:OnlyFans)

"On National Coming Out Day in October 2015, I posted on Facebook a brief paragraph about coming out," wrote surfer and lifeguard Nick Vallejo in a 2017 Outsports column. "I received support from loving families and my own. I broke down crying in my room with relief. I thought that after coming out on Facebook everything would be better, but for me it got worse."

It became the darkest time of his life. But with the support of family and friends, "Vallejo started to view life in a different way," Outsports wrote in a story this week. "He embarked on previously unimaginable activities, such as attending Coachella or galavanting around West Hollywood. Each new adventure brought him more confidence. Now, Vallejo wants to show himself off."

And to do so he started his OnlyFans page last month.

"I just felt the most important thing for me to do was own myself," Vallejo told me on this week's episode of the Outsports podcast "The Sports Kiki." "And I don't know, maybe my future man can see that and be like, 'Oh, this guy is hot. He's confident. He knows what he likes. Come find me.'"

Vallejo wasn't always that confident, especially six years ago when he began exploring his sexual identity, which he had long suppressed due to his religious Christian background. "He even got a tattoo on his right arm to prove he would devote himself to a pure life," wrote Outsports.

Even swimming, his safe refuge for his emotions, wasn't giving him comfort. "I stopped swimming at the university because I felt a piece of me dying," Vallejo wrote. "I felt as if I didn't belong in the swimming pool anymore."

Surfing became a substitute, and now OnlyFans, which as Outsports put it, "another place where Vallejo can be his authentic self."
"In my perspective, I don't have enough sexy," Vallejo said. "So I was just like, 'Well, OnlyFans would be a great place to launch.' Like, 'Hey, this is my bedroom, or 'this is where I am in life right now. This is what I look like.' It's not staged and planned. It's all going with my flow of my timeline."

He is not alone. "There are now more than 1 million content creators on OnlyFans, up from 120,000 in 2019," added Outsports.

Vallejo "doesn't think enough people are willing to blend creativity with promiscuity. He views his OnlyFans page as another part of his artistic portfolio."

"If you own yourself and create yourself and project yourself into the world, people will buy that," he said. "I don't feel like there's enough of that."

Check out these pics from his IG:

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