12 Moments that Show Why Wrestler Anthony Bowens is a Trend Setter

by Shawn Laib

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday January 28, 2023

Anthony Bowens
Anthony Bowens  (Source:Instagram / @bowens_official)

It's no secret that men's professional sports are lacking when it comes to out and proud queer athletes. There are a small selection of icons who have embraced their truest selves and let the world know about it, but the world of men's sports is still one that is predominately straight and not many sports are fueled by machismo more than professional wrestling. This makes professional All Elite Wrestling star Anthony Bowens a true trend setter in his sport.

Bowens has been out and dating YouTuber Michael Pavano for several years now. Their public relationship on social media has allowed LGBTQ+ fans around the world to be inspired by their bravery, not to mention thirst over Bowens in his wrestling tights. We've decided to compile the steamiest IG posts on Bowens account for your viewing pleasure. Let's begin!

If you're a sexy celebrity looking to thirst trap the public, a beach pic is your number one go-to move for likes. Bowens looks as good as ever wearing his light blue swim trunks with a splash of sun and waves in the background to add to the setting.

Simplicity is sexy, too, and this perfect picture of Bowens with boyfriend Michael Pavano is a great shot into the happy life the pair seem to have built together. Their matching blue shirts add to the chemistry we see on Instagram and remind us of how we can be more wholesome in our own love lives.

It's truly terrible that certain groups of people still hold the type of hatred in their heart depicted at this anti-gay marriage rally, but Bowens and his boyfriend Michael Pavano serve as brave reminders of the ways LGBTQ+ people have to fight bigotry. By simply engaging in a public display of affection in front of the protestors, Bowens and Pavano show the world that love can deter any and all kinds of homophobia.

Talk about a golden hour! The sun certainly looks incredible with its rays casted over Anthony Bowens while he rests by the window. Many fans noticed in the comments section how much different Bowens looks in this relaxed state compared to his typical sweaty condition while wrestling.

We've finally arrived at Anthony Bowens' place of occupation: the wrestling ring. This photo of Bowens is typical of how he looks when wrestling, but this angle of his physique is sure to make his fans thirst even more than usual. The pink underwear is especially flattering and many IG users noticed these shorts in the comments section.

The holidays are a time of love and family, and this adorable photo of Bowens with Michael Pavano is enough to get anybody in the spirit. The snow in the background makes the photo look like one straight out of a movie or TV show!

Turns out Anthony Bowens is a "Star Wars" fan and decided to take a look into the dark side of the force with his red Sith lightsaber on the beach. Perhaps he can incorporate the famous science fiction franchise into his next wrestling event!

Anthony Bowens is not only openly gay, he also actively supports LGBTQ+ causes and tries to represent the community very well during his wrestling events. This IG post of him modeling during a Pride month photoshoot is a great example of him inspiring future generations of athletes to embrace their roles as queer role models in an industry that can often still be very homophobic.

Even though wrestlers often leave little to the imagination while performing, Anthony Bowens has always had a great sense of style while on the mat. Here he's sporting a chic black and gold pair of shorts with matching knee pads while seemingly winning yet another match against his opponent. Looking good while wrestling well is a great combination!

Here's another promotional post from Bowens where he speaks out on behalf of murdered trans women for Gay Letter magazine. It's so vital for cisgender gay men to incorporate trans folks into their activism, and Bowens should be commended for doing so here. He's also sporting a sexy purple jacket for fans to enjoy.

A lot of us had a hard time staying in shape during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Anthony Bowens certainly didn't. This quarantine shot shows off how he was still in shape for wrestling while the rest of the world was sitting on the couch.

The age filter face app was all the rage in the summer of 2019, and Bowens showed his fans that he'll still be a good looking older gentleman when he reaches middle age and beyond using the filter. Talk about being an ultimate DILF!