Wilfried Knight :: The Final Curtain

by JC Alvarez

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday February 6, 2011

There must be something in the air. Perhaps it's the impending approach of an early spring. With the groundhog having not been scared off by his shadow this season, the little critter is out and about preparing for the thaw and getting things in order for the bloom...or he may have heard the news: Wilfried Knight, star of Lucas Entertainments Manhattan Heat, Dangerous Liaisons, Obsession and Kings of New York is hanging up his harness and leaving the adult entertainment biz. To celebrate his new horizons, the talented performer is gearing up for a farewell appearance in New York City, his first ever at Splash on Friday, February 11.

"I'm extremely lucky," the charmingly candid Knight shared with me, "to have has such a long run in an industry I have come to really love. I've worked with some of the best." Certainly adult industry impresario Michael Lucas had a lot to do with turning the ruggedly handsome, 6ft1, 21o lbs. of man muscle into a household name - well, at least, in certain households. "Michael believed in me. He made me big and taught me the ropes of the business." But after 7 years tantalizing fans worldwide with his sultry dark looks, and fur-lined chiseled physique, Knight felt the time had come to move on and give way to a new generation of performers. "There are a lot of amazing newcomers," he says. "You just have to accept that one day it's time to leave."

A Man’s Man

Knight certainly kept his wit about him, while perfecting his craft in adult entertainment. The multi-talented, multi-faceted performer admits he gets bored easily! To fill the time the intrepid journeyman hikes, cycles, climbs volcanoes -† doubles as a personal fitness trainer, is certified in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and is also a lawyer. "I just finished my second degree. So I want to set up my own business - while still training as a hobby." Proving the old adage that there's much more beneath the surface of every porn actor.

Certainly there's always been a misconception among the general public of performers who engage in the sex trade, but Wilfried Knight is most accomplished at redefining that image, especially the oft dark undercurrent one suspects is most prevalent. "The seediness of it is a misconception," Knight shares and elaborates: "Even if it is sex, it's a job. It Is serious. Professional. Safe. We work, very hard - literally." And certainly to his most relatable point: "Almost all gay men go through a promiscuous phase where they sleep around. Only difference is that as performers, we do it in the open and are paid for it!"

And certainly as consumers of porn we whether openly or in the privacy afforded us behind closed doors live to envy most of our favorite performer's most brazen qualities and carnal feats, all the while living vicariously through their sex-capades.

Shock and Awe

Interestingly the self-described Mr. Nice Guy, Knight pursued the career in porn to exercise the more dark and dirty side of his personality. He says, "I wanted to shock and challenge myself to do something I never thought I would ever go for -†more than anything I wanted the gratification...and somehow I did get it." Wilfried Knight become one of the industries most coveted talents winning "Performer of the Year" at GayVN and Hustlaball Berlin. "I am very proud of them," he humbly admits. "It means I am doing my job well, that fans enjoy my work, and that I know what to give them."

†And what does Wilfried Knight want? What turns him on? "A smile," he simply answers. And to win his heart? What does he expect from his man? "Don't take yourself so seriously, have the guts to voice your desires: your love, your fears, and gimme a glass of real champagne and I will give you the passion you need, the arms you need to sleep in and feel safe in all night long."†Swoon.

Endearingly open and incredibly personable, it's going to be exciting to see what Wilfried Knight has in store for his fans on Friday, for the F*Word at Splash. "It is the first time I've ever appeared in a club that size," he says. "I am looking forward to it." And what can fans expect from his appearance? "You ll have to come and say hi to know," he cheekingly admits. "I'm yet another man who really tries hard to behave, but cannot keep it in his pants once the occasion to play comes along." That's my Knight in shining armor.

Wilfried Knight will be making his New York City premiere at Splash on Friday at the F*Word, Feb 11.

Native New Yorker JC Alvarez is a pop-culture enthusiast and the nightlife chronicler of the club scene and its celebrity denizens from coast-to-coast. He is the on-air host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Out Loud & Live!" and is also on the panel of the local-access talk show "Talking About".