Lord Martine :: SF’s Nightlife King

by BeBe Sweetbriar

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday November 12, 2010

Once upon a time in a land called San Francisco, a lad gave the township much joy with his fabulous celebrations and events. That lad was known as Lord Martine. This would be the opening lines if this were a fairytale, but it's not. Lord Martine is very real and so are his contributions to Castro's nightlife with parties and events, such as, RADAR at Club Trigger, JOCK Sundays at Lookout, and the GLOSS Holiday Soiree for GLOSS Magazine.

Splitting his time as Editor-In-Chief at GLOSS Magazine (Northern California's largest Gay publication), and Special Events Producer for Flavors You Crave (Greg Bronstein's parent company for Club Trigger, Lime, and Bar On Church), you wonder sometimes how Martine has time to sleep. However, this enterprising gent is used to producing under pressure and deadlines while exercising his journalistic talents at the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper covering the social scene. Still with a new decade upon us, Lord Martine has enlisted a team of energetic and young individuals through his Lord Martine Global (LMG) organization to help things come together in the Lord Martine style... Fabulous!

Somewhere in his rat race of a schedule, Martine found time to field a few questions from me regarding his time at the Chronicle, the upcoming Gloss Holiday Soiree, and his team LMG.

Androgynous club kid?

BB: Is it true you started your "nightlife kingdom" as an androgynous club kid? Do tell.

Martine: It’s true. I love(d) Madonna, and for a time, emulated her vibe with platinum blond hair, arched eyebrows, pale skin, Russian Red MAC lipstick, and black leggings. I mixed my look with some of the brocade and velvet costume pieces I designed creating a neo-gothic edge. That’s what I went to school for, fashion design. By day I worked at the original Hearst-owned Examiner in the special events department; by night I was skipping from club to club in Lord Martine couture and gold Chanel medallions...

BB: How did that lead, if at all, to covering the social scene pages for the San Francisco Chronicle?

Martine: To make a very long story short and sassy, Phil Bronstein, the Executive Editor of The Chronicle (and Sharon Stone’s ex), plucked me out of the special events department and made me a nightlife columnist based on my extracurricular activities. The column called "Tearing Up The Town" was a hit. Soon I was covering high society, interviewing celebrities and writing experiential stories like batting practice with the Giants.

When the staffs of the original Examiner and Chronicle merged, I had to start all over again, which wasn’t fun. Next to all those venerable Chronicle columnists, I was just another young voice. It was a hard pill to swallow and I was rendered miserable.

His blue period

BB: After leaving the Chronicle, you took a break and disappeared out of the limelight for awhile. What was that all about?

Martine: After leaving The Chronicle I turned to crystal meth to assuage my woes. This was the darkest period of my life. I became completely hermetic and hid from everyone. There is a lot to tell about my blue period, but there will be more on this in my book that is coming out soon called "Withholding Court".

BB: Arriving back to the nightlife scene led to Lord Martine Global. Explain LMG’s purpose.

Martine: LMG’s public relations and marketing mission is simply to create unique nightlife experiences for people of The Castro. We also represent and market a host of alcoholic beverages, as well.

BB: What changes to the gay nightlife in San Francisco have you seen over the last 10 years?

Martine: Gone are the days of Club Universe. That big club experience just doesn’t exist any more. Now it’s about the Castro and SOMA (South of Market) bar scenes.

BB: Since you became editor-in-chief of GLOSS Magazine, I have noticed more editorial content than before. What brought about this strategy?

Martine: GLOSS is thriving right now in a downturn economy. Bevin Shamel, Publisher, has such good relationships with all of our advertisers. I came in and saw a lot of opportunity to expand GLOSS’ editorial content by introducing new columns like: BRING IT by Suzan Revah; RAISE IT by Janine Shiota and FLAUNT IT by BeBe Sweetbriar!

About the GLOSSIES

BB: I have heard you and GLOSS were in the midst of producing a new community awards show. Any news on that?

Martine: The GLOSSIES! Yes, we are developing an annual awards showcase presented by GLOSS Magazine. The ceremony at The Castro Theatre will be this spring.

BB: I recently received my invite to the annual "invitation only" and highly anticipated GLOSS Holiday Soiree (December 10). Can you give us a sneak peek into what those in attendance can expect this year?

Martine: The GLOSS Holiday Soiree is always the event of the season. Honestly, I think it’s the mix of guests who are always the main attraction - not to mention the stable of hot models we always have on parade in gold hot pants. The public is invited to come starting at 10 PM (which is RADAR @ TRIGGER - High Frequency Fridays).

BB: And what do you have in the works for bringing in the New Year?

Martine: Fingers crossed - there has been speak of a new reality TV show based on the makers of The Castro. They have me in mind as one of the characters...

BB: One thing I think is fabulous about Lord Martine Global is that your team is made up of some wonderfully gifted young upstarts. Did you set out to provide opportunity for and mentoring to our youth with LMG?

Martine: Yes. I was lucky enough to have fabulous mentors in my life, so It’s only right to pass along what I’ve learned to the young set. Dale Thomsen and Adam Holcomb are my protégés... I’m always scouting for fresh talent. Yum.

BB: I’ll put a double shot of chocolate on that yum!

It’s rare to get into the ever so private Lord Martine, and FAME is lucky to have an opportunity to give you some insights. Remember to look for his upcoming memoirs "Witholding Court" and a new Reality TV series in 2011. Without the likes of Lord Martine, I don’t know where this diva would spend all of her nights. The Castro wouldn’t be the same, your Lordship.

Find more on Lord Martine at Lord Martine’s website and his Facebook page.

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