Dig These Discs :: Micha Moor & Epiphony, Leona Lewis, BT, JoJo, Maroon 5

by Jamie Nicholes

NoiZe Magazine

Thursday December 8, 2011

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Break My World

Rising German DJ Micha Moor teams up with one of Offer Nissim's favorite female voices to create a progressive House track that gets you on first listen and has you turning it up just a little louder each time you hear it. The track is built around the conceit of falling in love as someone's world being broken: The routine is shattered after letting someone penetrate walls of protection. All that's punctuated by arch-like chord progressions and a thundering bass line that drops out at key moments to underscore the drama. Additionally, an incredible ensemble produced remixes, including Inpetto, Itay Kalderon & Mr. Black, and Nissim himself.


This song really was a collision. Originally an instrumental track by Avicii called "Penguin," and later made into a vocal track called "Fade Into Darkness," Leona Lewis recorded her own vocals to the track, claiming that the instrumental had been sent to her to "work on." Avicii claimed no knowledge of this and sued Leona and her label but eventually settled after Leona's camp conceded to credit both artists on the track as a "collaboration." The result of this debacle is actually rather nice. Leona's first real dance single shows she can do more than just power ballads and can move a dance floor as well. Remixes provided by Afrojack, Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney, Cahill and Nay Ray ... not surprisingly no mix by Avicii.

A Million Stars

Anything Kirsty Hawkshaw vocalizes is a thing of beauty. She could sing the Starbucks menu and make baristas cry. While this is the third time BT and Kirsty have teamed up to create art together, the starkness of its sublime beauty is all the more standout against the backdrop of all the jagged electro and acidic sounds that have become their musical zeitgeist. "A Million Stars" is a healing song about letting go of pain, tapping into the energy around you, and the promise that "You will feel love again/After the rain" - all delivered in delicate silk thread-like high notes atop BT's beautiful guitar strums and rounded beats. Remixes by Myon & Shane 54, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Airwave, Digital Stories, et al.


She's finally back. After two years of battling her record label in a suit over distribution, JoJo has signed on Interscope Records. The voice we fell in love with five years ago is finally gracing the airwaves again. "Disaster," the lead single from forthcoming album Jumping Trains, has JoJo blowing over a pop rock power ballad backdrop about the demise of a relationship and underscores a vocal prowess frankly absent from pop for years. No remixes have shown up, and I'm not entirely certain this is the type of track that will get that kind of treatment. No matter; in its original format, the track has me hitting repeat.

Moves Like Jagger

So maybe this is only a promotional tool for The Voice, but that doesn't stop it from being a brilliant piece of pop. The track combines Maroon 5's radio rock sound with a clubby dance beat. Christina sings the hell out of her lines as if reminding the world," I can still do this!" Adam Levine's delivery is taut and effortless and sounds as carelessly beautiful as he is himself. Highly remix friendly, the track has been given official - Cutmore, Michael Carrera and Soul Seekerz - and bootlegged treatments in myriad styles, including Sex Ray Vision and Funk3d.

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