'Pay for Play' Straight Actor Says He Deserves 'More Credit' for Having Gay Sex

Thursday November 18, 2021

Does the entire debate over straight actors playing gay roles become even dicier when discussing adult entertainment? "Gay for Pay" (ie, when straight men are compensated for having gay sex on camera) has long been part of the business, but has the straight/gay divide affected those straight men working in the gay industry??

It does, according to David Skylar, the adult performer who says he's straight and both finds the work difficult and difficult to find, complaining in a tweet, "no guys will film with me cuz I'm straight."

In one tweet, he felt sorry for himself with a thirst-trapping pic, asking, "Why does nobody want to fuck me?"

And in a longer tweet (no longer on his feed), he wrote: "I need more credit for what I do. I stay hard doing scenes, and I'm not even gay. The focus needed to do that is insane! All the filling I do last minute etc. and then guys won't film with me cuz I'm straight. It's totally fucked up. This is what makes me want to quit."

Of course, his "focus" could be enhanced by such tools as Trimex or Viagra, but, as is pointed out on Str8UpGayPorn.com, "†there are plenty of gay performers who aren't attracted to their co-stars, and they remain hard, too. We don't see them asking for ticker-tape parades."

But Skylar's complaints didn't stop there. In other tweets (no longer on his feed) he wrote:

"Thing is I don't want to rely on filming pro scenes for money cuz it's extremely draining physically and mentally not to mention all that travel puts me at risk for Covid. And nobody will sub to my OF cuz no guys will film with me cuz I'm straight"

But he added that he's being creative with alternatives ways of presenting content, including having sex with himself. "And I put a guck ton of work into my content since I am left to do solo stuff mostly. I've made elaborate edit videos showing me fuck myself with green screen effects and after effects I'm Adobe. I always try to make my sex videos a whole production with good cinematography etc"

Twitter user SexFlexible was blunt in their response to Skylar:??"You talk about being "straight" as if it's not only some kind of badge of honor but also some kind of quantifiable hierarchy in which you rank highest.

"We have about as much proof that you're "straight" as you have proof that other guys aren't "straight." The ego here is gross."

Check out these IGs from Skylar's account: