Astroglide Unveils New Spray Silicone Lube

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday May 27, 2022

BioFilm Inc., the makers of ASTROGLIDE, recently announced the latest addition to its line of personal lubricants: ASTROGLIDE X Spray 'n Glide Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant. This spray lube is unlike any other lube on the market — it can be applied one-handed (leaving your other hand free for activities) and features a gentle spray feel as well as an enjoyable cooling sensation for elevated pleasure.

"Lube users want an easy, mess-free solution that allows them to stay in and enjoy the moment," said Lisa O'Carroll, BioFilm CEO. "At ASTROGLIDE we want our consumers to have the best, most fulfilling personal lives possible. By introducing X Spray 'n Glide, we can now offer the same lubricant ASTROGLIDE users know and trust in an exciting new format that meets this need and enhances any intimate experience."

With a sexy shape that feels great in your hand, X Spray 'n Glide can be held and sprayed at any angle (even upside down) allowing you more flexibility and imagination in the bedroom. It goes on evenly and delivers a precise amount of long-lasting and silky-smooth lubricant where and when you need it. No fuss, no mood kill — just spray and play! Key product features include:

A silicone base that makes it extremely long-lasting and water-resistant, so it's great for fun in the tub or shower.
A gentle targeted spray for less mess.
Hypoallergenic for all the sensitive areas it touches.
From the #1 selling silicone lubricant brand*
"I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a lubricant that's easy to use, gentle, and who doesn't want to get their hands dirty — pun intended," said Dr. Sonia Bahlani, ASTROGLIDE's Sexual Health Advisor. "X Spray 'n Glide is beneficial because it's quick to apply, lightweight, and fun — all without the mess."

Seize the Spray and look for ASTROGLIDE X Spray 'n Glide Premium Silicone Personal Lubricant on in a 4.6-oz. spray canister. For more information, visit