Glitter Beards and Festive Knickers: How British Millennials Celebrate Christmas

Tuesday December 25, 2018

Glitter Beards and Festive Knickers: How British Millennials Celebrate Christmas
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Glitter beards, Christmas earrings and festive knickers are among the ways millennials will celebrate the big day this year, a study found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults aged 21-38 identified the ways many of them will embrace Yuletide — including bauble beards, Christmas jumpers and festive hair accessories.

Others will also mark the occasion by putting glitter on their face and by painting their nails with Christmas-themed polish.

The research, commissioned by also found a fifth of millennials will look to spend Christmas Day with their mates, while 15 percent are intending to go away on holiday.

Adam Jay, president of brand, said "We all love getting together with friends and family at Christmas, and everyone celebrates it differently."

The research also found eight in 10 are planning to have get-togethers with friends at some point over the festive period. Three in 10 of those will cook a Christmas dinner with their mates and a quarter intend to go to a Christmas market with them too.

Similarly, 20 percent are doing a Secret Santa and eight percent are going to have a mini break with their friends.

Carried out through, the research also explored what millennials will do on the day itself.

More than half will sit in front of the TV and watch movies. And the chances are at least one of the flicks they enjoy will "Home Alone," "Elf" or "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" — these were voted the top three Christmas movies among those polled.

More than a third will spend time on social media, 35 percent will play board games or card games and a fifth will take selfies.

Eighteen percent intend to send a Christmas message to their social media friends and followers, 17 percent will have an afternoon nap and 14 percent will do a spot of online shopping in the sales.

Almost half revealed they are planning to stray from tradition and have an 'alternative' festive meal — with a vegan dinner and pizza among the dishes likely to be served up.

And the break from what many consider the norm doesn't end there — a fifth are planning to avoid alcohol completely on Christmas Day.

Despite all the excitement over Christmas and the rise of new traditions, those polled are sketchy over its origins. Just 16 percent know the complete nativity story. Six percent even believe Santa Claus makes an appearance.

Those polled also revealed their thoughts on how the nativity story might differ were to happen now.

One in 10 think a unicorn would replace the donkey, 15 percent think the three wise men would be the three wise queens and 10 percent believe Angel Gabriel would appear to Mary via Instagram.

The gifts from the three wise men (or three wise queens) would be a little different too. They'd include an iPhone (22 percent), a Netflix subscription (18 percent) and rose gold jewelery (16 percent).

Other gifts might include Bitcoin (12 percent), a selfie stick (10 percent), beard oil (8 percent), Uber vouchers (seven percent) and avocado on toast (seven percent).

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