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Matador Meggings is Redefining Men's Fitness and Lifestyle Fashion

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday January 12, 2022
Originally published on December 8, 2021

Matador Meggings is Redefining Men's Fitness and Lifestyle Fashion
  (Source:Matador Meggings)

Working out is more than lifting, running, stretching and sweating. It's a commitment to our best selves — and there's no shame in wanting to look and feel good on the inside and out. While training to become a yoga instructor, Matador Meggings founder Valentine Aseyo observed that the women in class had vast options for functional and fashionable athleisure wear. And then he got what some might consider a bull-headed idea.

"Guys should have access to quality leggings made specifically for the male anatomy, and they should wear them with confidence — just like the original bullfighters of Spain," Valentine proclaimed, then set out to design what he describes as "men's leggings on steroids. We pumped them with several features to fit modern men's needs."

Valentine harnessed his passion for fitness with more than a decade of experience in product development, technology, marketing, and user experience to conceive, design, and launch Matador Meggings with the vision to inspire every kind of guy to embrace his unique self. But just looking good wasn't going to cut it. He also wanted to elevate the playing field, delivering a best-in-class product that leaves its competitors in the dust.


Redesigning men's leggings into high-performance apparel meant dismantling old standards and setting the bar high. Valentine wanted to create only the best, and found inspiration in the matador. A bullfighter evokes individual masculinity, emotion, speed, and power — and, most importantly, is not afraid to express himself. But could a garment embody those qualities? Yes, and here's how:

No-VPL Crotch Cup — There are times to show the goods, and times not to. Matador Meggings' "modesty pad" prevents an unwanted VPL (visible penis line) with a removable soft cup that allows freedom of movement for even the most grueling workout sessions or your occasional backflips.

Open Pocket — Keep your phone close at hand with an accessible outer thigh pouch — easy to reach without getting in the way of your workout.

Zipper Pocket — For the guy who goes from a badass workout to brunch, the minimalist, hidden zipper pouch securely holds valuables such as keys and credit cards.

T-Shirt/Towel Loop — Sometimes things get too hot to handle, and we're OK with that. When it's time to shed a layer, the strategically placed back loop will keep your T-shirt close at hand (great for festivals!); or if you're on the gym floor, keep your sweat towel off equipment and within arm's reach.

(Source: Matador Meggings)

Inner Drawstring — Discreetly placed on the inside of the waistband to keep your silhouette sleek, the extra cinch is the ideal hold whether you're doing deadlifts, squads or backflips.

Non-Slip Waistband — No unintentional plumber's crack here, thanks to a waistband grip made with soft, flexible fabric.

Sweat-Wicking Performance Fabric — Whether you're dancing or deadlifting, the breathable stretch fabric keeps your body cool, dry, and chafe-free. With the fabric both wind- and water-resistant, you'll also be protected from outdoor elements.

Matador Meggings' seven key design features are part of Valentine's mission to create compression leggings that look great and are built on scientifically proven data to support optimal workouts.

Compression tights are not only sexy; they support and stabilize your muscles and also increase blood flow — all of which speed up muscle repair and reduce muscle fatigue. The compression also acts as a shock absorber while running, dancing, or doing other aerobic activity. Comfort is key, and the body-hugging, breathable fabric wicks away moisture for dry, chafe-free workouts.


(Source: Matador Meggings)

"Masculinity" means different things to different people. Even within our LGBTQ+ community, we're widening the lens on who claims "masculine," and how that manifests in our everyday lives. Binary ideals have given way to a more inclusive approach to masculinity. Just because you love (or admire) big pecs and a muscle butt doesn't mean that you can't also love heels, nail polish, and the occasional camisole.

In addition to its technology-driven design, Matador Meggings offers more than 50 fun and fabulous styles for self-expression, from bold colors and unique prints to classic solids. Whether paired with a tank and sneakers for a hardcore workout, or an open-toe red heel like Sandy's transformation in "Grease" (which has become a cult classic), men's leggings aren't just a fitness garment, but a fun and versatile addition to your wardrobe.


We've done the impossible and narrowed down some of our top picks in addition to Matador's core collection favorites, but keep an eye out for limited-edition releases and new designs they release every single week.

(Source: Matador Meggings)

Arrow Meggings — We're obsessed with this strategically-placed pattern in Southwestern shades of midnight blue, sunset orange, and vivid yellow. Your post-workout brunch has never looked so good.

Marble Meggings
Marble Meggings  (Source: Matador Meggings)

Marble Meggings — Want to give off a Michelangelo's "David" vibe? These meggings will do it, and catch many a wandering eye at your next White Party.

Gray Camo Meggings
Gray Camo Meggings  (Source: Matador Meggings)

Gray Camo Meggings — There's no disguising the fact that these compression tights are eye-catching. Throw on a neutral hoodie and black army boots for an all-day winter look.

Black/Gray Meggings
Black/Gray Meggings  (Source: Matador Meggings)

Black/Gray Meggings — Classic in design, the wraparound stripes represent Matador Meggings at its best as they symbolize the horns of the bulls. They're simple, yet fashionable and functional. Toss on a black T-shirt and hit the gym. If you're not ready for wild prints, this would be a great, tame option to serve as a starter kit.

Navy/Blue Meggings
Navy/Blue Meggings  (Source: Matador Meggings)

Navy/Blue Meggings — Anything but basic, the top-selling solid Navy represents what Matador Meggings is all about: Stylish athleisure wear for the modern man.

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