Frayed or Fab? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Fashion Recap, Episode 1

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday January 5, 2021

It's the day we've all been waiting for — when RuPaul's latest roster of contestants enters the workroom and "ruveals" their signature looks. The number 13 was lucky for some and lame for others as RuPaul put the contestants through the paces with a quick-fire lip-sync elimination round. Of course, we all know those queens aren't going anywhere — at least until next week. But what did we think of their premier looks?

Elliott with Two T's — can we say Elliott has "sttyle"? We love the pleather and cropped jacket with shoulder pads for days. VERDICT: FAB

Lala Ri — Did she forget her baton? You can't go wrong with a classic white tuxedo jacket... or can you? VERDICT: FRAYED

Gottmik — Rey Ortiz designed this gorgeous gathered mini, though the jury is still out on make-up. Nevertheless, VERDICT: FAB

Olivia Lux — This color-blocked, ruched gown in hot pink and bright yellow looked like it may have been sewn from the curtains of a shuddered Broadway theater. Haven't they suffered enough? VERDICT: FRAYED

Kahmora Hall — Vintage Bob Mackie, need we say more? VERDICT: FAB

Joey Jay — Bringing new meaning to the word "chicken," Joey Jay lost more feathers than a plate of poultry being prepped for Sunday dinner. VERDICT: FRAYED

Kandy Muse — New York City's in the house! Kandy's patchwork mini... meh. But we give it up for that boom box accessory. VERDICT: FAB

Tina Burner — It's going to take more than a firehouse tied around her waist to catapult drag veteran Tina Burner to the finals. While true to her brand, her opening look needed a spark to catch fire. VERDICT: FRAYED

Rosé — She stuck to her signature color palate. A monochromatic opening look takes (tucked) balls. VERDICT: FAB

Tamisha Iman — After battling Stage IV colon cancer, Tamisha returned to season 13 with a neck-plunging pantsuit in candy apple red and sequined trim. VERDICT: FAB

Symone — This Gisele-inspired Polaroid mini (designed by Michael Brambila) paid homage to the original but lacked reinvention. VERDICT: FRAYED

Utica Queen — More is more in UQ's cacophony of plaids, paisley's and florals. And the nails are Everything. VERDICT: FAB

Denali — Chicago's "Ice Queen" might have pulled off her look in a skating rink but fell flat on the runway with little help from a Rapunzel wig that was neither fierce nor flattering. VERDICT: FRAYED

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