Sustainable Cocktails Reign Supreme at The 18th Room

Thursday July 19, 2018

The Villar Perosa
The Villar Perosa  (Source:The 18th Room)

The 18th Room, a new speakeasy by Dave Oz, the bar and restaurant impresario behind famed cocktail den Bathtub Gin, has launched new eco-friendly "No Impact" cocktails by acclaimed barman Joseph Boroski, from Clarified Bloody Marys to Fat-Washed Banana Daiquiris. The hidden Chelsea bar, which takes its name from the 18th Amendment that ushered in Prohibition, is furthering cocktails that recycle, upcycle and use ingredients to their utmost.

Sustainable highlights include:

  • Quite Contrary - Tomato solids from this Clarified Bloody Mary variation are used as the basis of a sauce to dress a raw oyster that serves as the cocktail's garnish and nibble.

  • Two Bananas Walk Into a Bar - Bananas used in this Fat-Washed Banana Daiquiri are shared with the kitchen and baked into housemade banana bread and their dried peels transformed into an edible garnish

  • Kick! - This Cameron's Kick variation uses a popcorn orgeat crafted by using the bar's leftover snacking popcorn

  • Espresso Eggcellence - The Stone Street espresso in the bar's take on the Espresso Martini has its astringent and bitter notes removed by being passed through crushed egg shells from eggs used in the cocktail

  • Housemade Eco-Friendly Cleanser - The bar has transitioned to using a housemade eco-friendly cleanser made from spent citrus rinds and distilled vinegar as an alternative to chemical cleaners commonly used.

    The 9th Avenue
    The 9th Avenue  (Source: The 18th Room)

    The 18th Room also announces more substantial dining options, including Steamed Red Snapper, Cacio e Pepe Pasta and Lamb Chops with Salsa Verde. While still offering lighter bar bites, the new menu now enables guests to stay and enjoy a relaxed dinner throughout the evening.

    "Our sustainable cocktails have proven extremely popular with our guests," says Dave Oz, Owner, The 18th Room. "We are proud to work with Joseph Boroski, who pioneered eco-friendly practices in his Bangkok and Hong Kong bars. In addition, our culinary offerings now showcase the decadence and indulgence of the 1920s to make The 18th Room a one-stop destination for both cocktail enthusiasts and diners alike."

    "The new cocktail menu presents a highly-curated range of classic drinks that we have modernized and made relevant to today's palate," says Joseph Boroski, Bar Director, The 18th Room. "They are familiar enough for guests to want to try them, but different enough to be surprising and engaging. Moreover, they continue our 'No Impact' approach that minimizes unnecessary waste by using ingredients to their absolute maximum extent."