Spring Forward: 4 Must-Have Grooming Products

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday April 6, 2018

A new season means time to consider rebooting your skincare regimen to buff away the old you and reveal a fresh-faced complexion. Dean Shaw for ontapblog.com offers nine essential skincare tips, which include: apply sunblock, wash daily, wash after exercise, use moisturizer, use the "right" skincare products (we'll get to that momentarily), drink plenty of water, use a good quality razor, ditch the sugar and get enough sleep.

Of course, day sleeping after an all-night circuit party isn't exactly how Dean outlines his suggested regimen, so we'll leave that up to you. But we have been scouring the men's skincare market to identify our favorite products of the season. Here are EDGE's top four picks and why you should consider integrating them into your daily routine.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX
Is it possible to fall in love with an antioxidant serum? After trying Anthelios AOX SPF 50, we say yes. This daily antioxidant serum contains broad-spectrum protection in a formula that goes on grease-free, anti-shine, and absorbs into your skin as a matte finish.

In addition to improving the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and skin texture (who doesn't want that?), the formula contains Cell-Ox shield composed of five sun filters that you won't be able to pronounce but are skin saviors. No more white, streaky mineral applications, but it doesn't come cheap at $42.50/30 ml. But is your skin worth it? We think so.

Dermalogica Calm Water Gel
Founded in 1986 by Jane Wurwand, Dermalogica has become synonymous over the past 30 years for its professional-grade products, free of lanolin, mineral oil, artificial colors and other irritants. The packaging is clean, focusing on skin health instead of "beauty."

The brand's latest launch is the soothing calm water gel, which transforms into a "skin-quenching" fluid upon application. The weightless gel offers dual hyaluronic acid technology to target different skin layers with hydrating apple fruit extract and glycerin as well cactus pear extract for soothing sensitivity. Consider using it as a mild first layer before applying your daily sunscreen or as an absorbent summer night moisturizer for those sultry evenings when you want to hydrate without using a heavy product. $48/50 ml.

Ao #6 Rewind - Retinal
This New-Zealand-based company delivers a highly concentrated skincare system that features adaptive ingredients and cold-pressed formulas to retain the maximum effect upon usage, and that applies to this power serum that was voted 2016's best night treatment by Truth in Aging.

So what's in it? Astaxanthin, otherwise known as New Zealand red algae, has been shown to be 6,000 times stronger than Vitamin C. Bakuchiol stabilizes retinal and also increases its effectiveness in reducing wrinkles, and improving elasticity, skin roughness and dryness.

The cold-pressed system preserves the formulation. Use only several nights a week. At $119.95/15 ml., a little goes a long way.

The latest from Gillette
Razor manufacturer Gillette has walloped the market with the release of several new products based on thorough research and market testing to find out exactly how guys like to shave.

"Through our years of research, we know that no two men are the same," says Kristina Vanoosthuyze, Senior Manager, Gillette Scientific Communications. "There is often more than meets the eye, and similarities we may see on the surface are often more distinct from each other or can be undone completely by differences in life experiences and personality. Knowing this enables Gillette to design smarter, better products that bring variety to the market and meet real needs."

What does this mean for a clean-shaven 2018? The new Sensor3 Cool brings the brand's proprietary cooling technology to an affordable, disposable razor ($4.99/3-pack). A new Aqua Grip handle is now featured on Gillette3 and Gillette5 products for a slip-free shave in the shower, along with budget-friendly pricing that starts at $7.99.

And for those willing to spend a bit more for a super comfortable shave, Gillette's MACH3 ($9.99/4-pack) and Fusion5 ($14.00/4-pack) cartridges have been upgraded with finer, thinner blades and a low-resistance coating for less cutting force.

Matthew Wexler is EDGE's Senior Editor, Features & Branded Content. More of his writing can be found at www.wexlerwrites.com. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @wexlerwrites.