Tame the Beast: Redefining Grooming for Grown-ups

by Joseph Pedro

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday January 27, 2020

"Sometimes we need to tame the beast, sometimes to unleash it. When we fully harness our inner beast, we maximize life enjoyment. That's what Tame the Beast is about," says President of Beast Brands John Cascarano.

These are powerful, fighting words when it comes to describing a skincare brand. But once you've tried the company's signature products, you'll understand that the turned-up natural ingredients, sleek packaging, and bold marketing are not only disrupting the beauty industry's gentle and soft attitude but also cranking up the volume on your shower time.

Cascarano spent a lot of time researching beauty industry trends and noticed the inequality that existed when it came to products specifically designed for women.

"I saw women buying from men's brands to avoid a 'pink tax.' I saw men buying from women's brands to get access to more premium formulas," says Cascarano. While this idea floated around in his head, life also threw some unexpected challenges his way: he lost his father, his cousin, his mother became ill, and he crossed a milestone himself — turning 40. The one place that he found refuge and some much-needed "me time" was in the shower. "The shower was (is) my happy place."

He knew he could work to up the (shower) ante and create products that elevated bath and body products. He began working with a New York City dermatologist to infuse his products with ingredients that would jump-start people's bath-time experience. "More eucalyptus oil. More intensity. More menthol, peppermint oil, moringa, caffeine, vitamins. Load it up and crank the volume. One day after the gym, my wife said to me, 'Tame the Beast!' A few minutes later, in the shower, a brand was born."

His American-made brand started by making headlines with their unique signature item—Nutt Butter. The first "multipurpose lotion for your boys" became a headline-grabbing and best-selling product that also challenged existing men's products that worked to cover up smells with chemicals instead of Taming the Beast with natural ingredients that promote a man's skin health.

Tame the Beast has dozens of products for both men and women and has developed a cult-like following of consumers who identify with the brand's attitude, intensity, and premium products. What's not to love about their cooling Green Tea lotion or their YAWP Face Wash with ginseng, caffeine, green tea, and sugar cane? As the company continues to grow, it has also stepped out of the shower with a full line of premium shaving products that will help people quite literally tame that facial beast.

Behind all the bold talk, Tame the Beast is a brand with a lot of heart. Noticing that the top generator of plastic waste on the consumer side was from personal care products, Cascarano wanted to make a difference.

"The idea of the Beast Bottle is not just to steer people in the direction of using more reusables and less plastic, but to make it easy for them to do. We're not asking you to change your habits a whole lot, we're just saying 'hey, take this one little extra step, and if you do this, you're cutting out over 80 percent of your energy, waste, and plastic usage.'" Consumers have been responding positively, and the company plans to expand its reusable bottle offerings.

Purchase Tame the Beast products at GetBeast.com and Amazon.com.

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Joseph Pedro is a Seattle-based freelance writer. He specializes in world travel, LGBT journalism and fiction writing. Follow along on his adventures on Instagram and Twitter: @joelovesyou.

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