Harris Reed Brings Gender-Fluid Sensibility to MAC Cosmetics Collab

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday January 14, 2021

You may only be pulling yourself together to migrate from the bedroom to the living room for the next few months, but breakout British-American designer Harris Reed wants you to do it in style. Reed, known for dressing Harry Styles back in 2019, recently chatted with Fashion Magazine about their limited-edition makeup collection with MAC Cosmetics, launching globally on February 18.

"For me, this collection is really about fluid opulence and being for everyone," Reed said. "My relationship with makeup is really about exploring your duality and exploring different sides of yourself: Encapsulating different personalities that you want to highlight." Reed notes the lipstick palette as their favorite part of the collection, saying that as a child, they'd use it to enhance eyes, cheekbones and collarbones, too.

Reed, who has also styled Miley Cyrus and Solange, has quickly gained momentum in the fashion world for a signature approach that amplifies their clients' natural aesthetic. MAC hopes to tap into this trend with the affordable line, which ranges from $20-$35, while also giving consumers the chance to express their best glam selves.

"Harris has curated a range of products based on their updated vision of glam rock and dandyish dressing," Terry Barber, M∑A∑C Director of Makeup Artistry told Nylon. "[The colors are] elegantly fluid, with influences ranging from Renaissance painting to the iconic imagery of David Bowie and a young Mick Jagger."

Reed announced the collaborative in a heartfelt Instagram post, writing, in part:

"This is for the little queer kid on the playground with his mother's lipstick in his back pocket, nervous of fully being who I knew I could be. Scared because I didn't believe I could be beautiful the way I thought beautiful looked, strong the way I knew strong should look, or powerful the way powerful should manifest itself on one's exterior... I've learned so much since then - the world doesn't define standards of beauty, strength, or power... we do. We write our own stories. And the day has finally come - I've done it all for that little kid and all the others out there. This is about defining what you look like to the world."

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