3 Quick Tips for That Cool Coachella Look

Friday April 8, 2016

Coachella may be a music festival, but creating a cool Coachella look is key to enjoying the festivities. While the ladies may be working their boho looks, the guys are stepping up with a focus on hair. Celebrity stylist and owner of his new namesake salon, Daniel Alfonso, says there are three trends to work -- texture, color and styling.


Creating a cool style requires a good product that creates texture and grit for a disheveled, beachy look. Work in a product that can create texture with pomades and various pastes. A sea salt spray also can add texture, producing an effortless vibe.


More men are coming in for ombre color. It is very subtle and adds dimension. Think Jared Leto or Johnny Depp.


More guys are willing to experiment with their strands with man buns and now braids. Braids can be done in cornrows or as a crown.

And only in Hollywood...check out the red carpet from the opening of Alfonso's new salon: