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Delectable Devices to Delight Your Taste Buds

by Brad Hart

Rage Monthly

Sunday November 12, 2017


For all you coffee enthusiasts who crave a cup o'joe on-the-go, we present the Cafflano Klassic. This travel-ready, lightweight coffeemaker allows you to brew the freshest coffee wherever you go, whether it's at a hotel, camping, tailgating, on the job site, or on a plane.

Cafflano coffee makers are also great space savers for those in small apartments or office workers who can't escape the desk. Plus, they're eco-friendly and save users money by not having to buy disposable filters, cups or expensive coffee drinks at cafes.

With the patented Cafflano Klassic, coffee lovers get a drip kettle, built-in grinder, filter and tumbler all integrated into the size of a Thermos for perfect professional pour-over coffee. Just add whole coffee beans into the ceramic burr grinder, grind and the freshly ground coffee will fall into the etched stainless steel microfilter below. Pour hot water using the unique drip kettle that mimics a gooseneck kettle's pour. Within four minutes, your fresh cup of

coffee will fall into the double wall tumbler below.



Most of us can agree: There's nothing quite like a good glass of wine. But, are you getting the best oenephile experience? The reality is, most serve whites too cold and reds too warm, which significantly affects the flavor of

the wine. Help is on the way! The Kelvin K2 Smart Temperature Wine Monitor is said to be the number one wine-improving product in the world. Using Bluetooth wireless connectivity, it senses wine temperature and sends it to your smartphone-even from inside a refrigerator.

The free iOS or Android app then monitors your wine and provides as much information as you need to get the best from every bottle of your favorite pinot, rosť or chardonnay.

Around $50


Creators of this innovative product plan to take your beer drinking experience to the next level. The Fizzics Waytap allows"beer aficionados and novices alike to pour expert draft quality beer by reviving any can or bottle beer to brewery fresh draft."The device uses fluid dynamics, paired with sonic technology, to revitalize and enhance the taste of your favorite brew. Works with all beer styles including ipa, pilsners, ales, stouts and lagers. Cheers to that.



DIY cocktail fans, here's a fun project to liven up your favorite spirits. The Barrel Char in a Jar comes with an assortment of high-end toasted and charred wood samples pieces (including oak, cherry, yellow birch, and sugar maple) that you add to rum, tequila, whiskey or any other distilled liquor. The

alcohol and the wood interact, pulling out flavorful compounds known as vanillins and tannins, giving it a wonderful and unique taste, color and aroma. The kit also comes with a quart-sized jar and two sample bottles to do a before and after comparison of your new brew.

Aging and flavoring your liquor is said to be "fun and easy to do," and there are tutorials online to help guide you through the process, if need be.



November marks the launch of the revolutionary new charcoal filter and fruit infuser bottle, Eau Good Duo, introduced on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This beautifully designed bottle is stylish, a pleasure to use, and, most importantly, makes tap water taste great.

With an activated stick of Japanese Binchotan charcoal in the bottle, it softens water, adds good minerals such as calcium, removes contaminants, balances PH and absorbs unwanted tastes and odors, such as chlorine. In addition, with its built-in infuser cap, you can simply fill the bottle with your favorite fresh fruits and herbs for added flavor. There's no limit to the healthy drinks you can create (just make sure you remove the charcoal first). The leak-proof spout has been specially engineered for a great flow of water. If you want to drink direct from the bottle instead, they've put the thread on the inside, so it feels like you are drinking from a regular glass.

You can back the Eau Good Duo on Kickstarter. Starting at $31 and set for delivery in May 2018.

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