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Groovy Green :: Eco-chic for everyone

by David Andrusia

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday March 17, 2010

Back in the day, our college cafeteria had a pre-vegan sideshow: hippie chix with peasant blouses, Andean accessories, and much unwanted hair. They made great stir-fries, but their fashion sense made Janet Reno look like Heidi Klum.

That was then, and - happily - this is now.

Today, good for the earth doesn't mean "salt of the earth" when it comes to style. Proof positive: this bevy of beauties that make you look good with sustainable intent.

Go groovy- and go green!

Sole Man...

...or woman.

Birkenstocks are sourced from renewable raw materials, as no trees are destroyed in the process of shoe production. In fact, this German-born company's manufacturing process is almost 100% sustainable- even the boxes are made of 90% recycled paper and printed with inks that are environmentally friendly.

The comfy, classic Arizona style will step us through the summer, for sure.

$120 at Birkenstock stores nationwide and at

Green Light

The makers of the 70 Watt BlueMax Desk Lamp are committed to environmentally friendly engineering. Cool and white, this is the ultimate in sustainable lighting: it emits no harmful UV rays, and can be dimmed from 100% to 20% for enhanced energy savings.

The lamp's six phosphor blend adopts the brilliant qualities of sunlight at noon while enhancing the healthy blue spectrum for maximal clarity, day or night.

$169 (white or black); $199 (nickel or brass) at

You Tiger!

Made from a special material called Ecoweave (a PVC-free, harm-free coating), this messenger-style laptop bag is created with sustainable components and toxic-free dyes.

With a plushly padded compartment big enough for a 15 inch laptop, it does double duty with eco-chic: stylish enough for town outings, yet durable enough for country forays and seaside sashays.

$40 at

Pact and Packed

Who says you can't look green and great?

PACT's collection of undies for women and men are fashioned of responsibly grown and manufactured organic cotton, transported in zero-waste packaging, and delivered with a minimized carbon footprint. Looks like there's no waste here.

This is one Pact we'd very much like to make.

$26 exclusively at

Natural Light

They look lovely, but most candles are made at the expense of the environment- they're paraffin/petroleum pirates.

These tealight candles, however (in their own plastic burners), are fashioned of soy by Austin artisan Christy Bell. They're available in five super -and sustainable!- scents.

$9 at select Whole Foods stores and at

Pride Part Two

Inspired by our movement? You bet!

Go Green Pride with this 100% organic cotton fashion tee, made at a facility in India that maintains the highest levels of certifications of work safety and wages.

Plus, at least 1% of each sales goes to to eco-causes. (Which, admittedly, isn't a lot, but it's more than many other companies...)

Saving the planet has never looked so good!

$20 at

Klean and Kool

This stainless steel beauty is so sustainable, unlike scandalous SIGG, it doesn't even have a plastic liner.

Made of high-quality stainless steel, this kept our water fresh even in L.A.'s summer heat.

Pull your plastic bottles and get with this program for a water carrier that's chic and cool.

$18 at

Tramps and Thieves

We'll let you know when they arrive.

For now, you can travel in Gypstyle with these super-eco lovelies made of 100% recycled plastic.

Exceptionally durable -and unisex- we like them as Eurochic vanity bags, and as inserts for laptop carriers.

$16 at

Cool Hat, Cat!

Kate Robertson fell in love with Peru as a Peace Corps volunteer. Upon returning, She proved that green can be groovy and great.

These lovlies are hand-knitted by Andean women from all-natural alpaca fibers. What's better, her products' sales benefit these women and their families.

This "modern flapper" hat's beyond fab. Go green, go Kate!

$49 at

Art Smart

These Loofah-Art kitchen scrubbers are so much groovier than our skanky square pads. They clean like a dream- and last longer, too. (Plus, they don't attract germs. To clean, just rinse, squeeze and let dry.)

Made of all-natural fibers, they respect the earth as much as they do your fine kitchenware.

$3.99 at

Glittery Green

Glitter Green

Jewelry designer Rebekah Green was born with the right last name: her American-made creations feature recycled 14 and 18K gold, kissed with cubic zirconia, not "blood diamonds."

Five percent of proceeds go to Global Green USA -and all labeling is biodegradable. Good girl!

These unisex studs prove you can glitter and be gay- and green!

$30 at at

David Andrusia writes on food, travel, style, and beauty. Author of the bestseller BRAND YOURSELF, he is a career consultant in Los Angeles. Visit him online at