Swiping Era is Fading. How a New Dating App Creates Community

Friday May 24, 2019

Swiping is just a tip of the online dating iceberg. Don't get this wrong, it's a great playful way to find a date and, probably, even meet "the right one" for whom you've been searching. However, strategists at Taimi App claim that online dating is not only about this little swiping game anymore. The protocols are changing: developers are continually introducing loads of communication tools aimed at creating a community. What's the need?

Reducing Loneliness in Dating Apps
Yes, it happens a lot. In the ordinary dating apps, you're usually a solo player deciding to text or not to text, to swipe or not to swipe. While on social media, seeing who else is online or reading some guy's feed, you're never alone; there are at least several hundred people with similar issues who post stories you can relate to or memes that cheer you up. Social media help to pursue the significant need - to be a part of something bigger. See for yourself: according to statistics, 69 percent of Americans have never tried online dating, yet almost the same amount of them use social media. LGBTQ people can benefit from social platforms which make a safe and friendly dating community.

Making Your Communication Efficient and Diverse
Video calls, interactive feed, and stories are top hits not only on social media itself but in the dating apps as well. Taimi Dating App got it covered as well. Apart from all the mentioned features, it has up to 1,500 groups, where users share their thoughts and experience in LGBTQ+ rights, queer performance, arts, traveling, nightlife, and other exciting things. Members of those groups usually form mini-networks of like-minded people and have a great time together IRL. Queer Instagram celebs also create their pages in the app to spread their ideas and communicate with their audience closer. Check out the most engaging of them on Taimi.

Trust is the Glue That Holds Everything Together
Are a few photos and a short bio (if there is one) enough to characterize a person? Probably not. But such social media features as interactive feed and stories, reveal what users genuinely care about. With detailed social profiles like on Taimi, you can fast-forward past a great deal of "what-are-you-looking-for" conversations, choose a person who wants the same things you do and jump right into deeper talks. Video calls contribute to users' confidence too: (not so) blind dates can become less awkward and, what's more important, safer when you associate a person with a live visual image.

The right connection between social media and dating features gives a chance to create the community people long for. Gay dating apps, which also serve as social media platforms, design a whole new world, where you can be most beautiful vibrant self and shine bright both offline and online.

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