Journey to Teotihuacan, Journey of the Spirit

by Kyle Poyser

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday February 11, 2009

I travel a lot, both because it's the nature of this job, but also because it's a passion of mine. Sometimes I travel by car, and sometimes I travel by plane, sometimes I travel by boat, and sometimes I travel by train. Very Seussian of me, isn't it? In a rare instance, I have traveled farther by voyage of the mind than by any of the above. Whoa! That's the talk of a crazy person, right? Not necessarily. Let's just say I've been affected by my trip to Teotihuacan, Mexico and my stay at the Dreaming House.

Ultimately I'd prefer this article to be about two sentences long. One sentence encouraging you to do yourself a favor and take a journey to Teotihuacan guided by Lee McCormick, founder of Spirit Recovery. The second sentence, a request for you to let me know how it affected you when you return. That's all. Two lines. This really wouldn't be interesting reading, however, and I'm sure my editor wants more. You probably do, too. I don't blame you, that is exactly how I am about reading a travel article. Give me facts, details, and tips! Now!! Sometimes, though, it isn't so simple to convey an experience.

Teo - Anything But Typical

Outside of Mexico City are the ancient, abandoned pyramids and one time thriving city of Teotihuacan. The history of this area is dependent on legend and lore, for there is little written about the origin of this spectacular place. Myths abound. One thing is for sure, however, and that is that Teo, as it's known locally, has something much more than just pyramids and ruins. The spiritual energy of the grounds may be the reason why it was once the largest city in the Americas. One myth even attributes the creation of the pyramids to some advanced civilization that might not have been from Earth. Space travelers? Building pyramids? In Mexico? C'mon! I said it was a myth, but who can say?

My typical approach to a place as visually intriguing as Teo is to go first to the most significant area of the site and explore it with my camera in hand. I like to get there before the crowds take over so that I can capture the best shot with the fewest tourists in view. It's all about capturing a recorded memory for me to reference later. I guess I'm somewhat afraid of not being able to remember where I was or what I've seen. Had my trip to Teo been typical, my first stop would be the Temple of the Sun - the largest pyramid and the logical focus of the surrounding area - which can be seen from across the valley long before you reach the site. The second stop would then have been the Temple of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun's smaller, equally impressive sister. But that's if my trip had been typical, and as you are probably starting to realize, it was anything but.

Instead, this is how my journey played out.

The Journey Begins - The Dreaming House

I began my journey at the Dreaming House, a charming complex located within walking distance of the boundary of Teo. Greeted there by the amazing staff and shown to my room, I was immediately at ease. The Dreaming House is the home base for the exploration of the archeological sites, and is a wonderful, personal retreat in its own right. I arrived late at night due to a flight delay, and really experienced the place on my first morning at the fantastic breakfast buffet when I met the other guests on our journey. People from all areas of the country, and all walks of life, came to have their own personal experience, while all the while sharing it with the group around them. It's a very interactive community at the Dreaming House, and the higher your level of participation, the more rewarding the outcome can be.


On our first day our guides, Lee McCormick and Emily Grieves, led our group of twelve to the Ciudidada and the Temple of the Serpent. We explored and experienced this area while learning the historical value of the space and were encouraged to tap into the ancient energy surrounding us. There's an unmistakable vibrancy about the area, and this explanation works as well as any. This first day of activities was actually a stretch for me, but quickly became a valuable personal lesson. My experience won't compare to your own, as I'm sure it can't compare to the experience of any of my fellow travelers standing with me that day, but it really set the stage for what was to come.

Over the following three days we explored the Avenida de los Muertos, the Palace of the Butterfly, the Temple of the Jaguar, and the Temple of the Moon. History, folklore, myths and tales were offered up all along the way, and the opportunity to absorb and connect with the essence and energy around us was always there.

House of Spirits and Temple of the Sun

The House of Spirits, and the Temple of the Sun were reserved for our final day. By saving it for the end, I learned a valuable lesson about revelation and understanding. The knowledge about the rest of the monuments at the site helped me connect with the mindset of the people who have called Teo home throughout history. It's much more than a city, and is far beyond a simple historical site. The true value in my visit was the connection with my own wayward spirit and the infusion of energy for dreams and beliefs that I had long ago abandoned.

My connection with the spirit is the most amazing souvenir from Teo and my stay at the Dreaming House. Yes, I have a few other objects that I brought home to remember my visit, but the true gift was the change inside made possible by having such passionate and faithful guides to lead the way.

Stay, Eat, See...

When you sign up for a visit to Teotihuacan through Spirit Recovery Journeys the plans are simple. Your accommodations are included at the Dreaming House, a comfortable walk from the gates to Teo. Meals are included and are fresh and flavorful regional cooking prepared on site and enjoyed family style with the other travelers. As for what to see while you are there, trust that the guides will take good care of you. Just be fully prepared to see far more than only the sites of historical and archeological significance.

How to Book

Visit either the Spirit Recovery site or the Dreaming House site for details on upcoming journeys. If you go to the Dreaming House web site, look for trips with Lee McCormick as your guide, and let yourself awaken your dreams and energize your spirit.

Now, do yourself a favor and take a journey to Teotihuacan guided by Lee McCormick, founder of Spirit Recovery. And let me know how it affected you when you return...

Kyle spends his free time traveling the world, and is currently calling sunny Southern California home.